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Mage:Session 17

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Session 17 : A meeting with Heir Eberstark in Ulm

President McCane has been taken ill in the Oval Office and taken to hospital where he is said to be comfortable. Vice President Pallin has assumed his duties. Cheney warned Iran not to think America was weakened because the head of state was in hospital.

We begin reading the background dossier in Scholl, and Karl & Andrea Schmidt.

Ludwig Scholl has no record of employment since he worked as an apprentice at BMW. By tailing him it was discovered that he works on building sites as a manual laborer. His only holiday consist of trips to away matches. Barnie reports that nothing happened at the match or thereafter.

Karl Schmidt is a brewer, Andrea is a lecturer in modern political history. They are on the record for distributing Nazi literature in 2006. Take holidays in Germany either high altitude sports or visits to a health spa. Karl Schmidt's were Nazi party members. In particular, his father was SS TodesKopf (Death's Head), father died in 1987. Andrea's parents - no particular political data.

John visits the University history department. But to not much effect.

The existing archive of the Ahnenerbe is still in Ulm and the hands of a private collector by the name of Herr Eberstark. He is a banker with no police record, who has created a private museum of German military history. Collector of Teutonic related materials.

We request a private view, and are granted access tomorrow afternoon.

Assigned a Interpol translator by the name of Dierk Astor. He can speak French, English Dutch and German.

We spend the rest of the day constructing a back-story for John's research trip. Barnie drives John and Jacqueline down to meet him. James stays home to read the record and learn German.

Herr Eberstark's residence is a old schloss which has been modernised for comfort while retaining the military grandeur. Has painted on architectural features to make look even grander. The front door opens automatically as they approach it. Herr Eberstark is there to greet them, dressed smartly in a suit with an immaculate tie.

Herr Eberstark is enlightened and sport two parallel scars on his left cheek. But John believes he has not spotted that we are.

After leaving coats in the lobby, they step through into the hall, passing between two serious suits of armour each posed with a landsknecht sword. Behind them the heavy front door swings closed with a thump.

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