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Mage:Session 19

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Session 19 : High Jinks at night

Approaching the farmhouse. Jacquie is ahead and to the side in a ditch, observing three youths by some dilapidated farm buildings, playing bad euro-pop on a stereo. No vehicle in evidence, we assume it is in the barn. Wooded either side, there is some visibility through the tree cover.

Jacqui moves into position to try to eavesdrop. (NB the party has a couple of radios from the police to communicate with, but J doesn’t take on with her. She goes to the ridgeline, and can see lights below as it slopes down, but can’t see what the lights are as this is concealed by trees. She can hear various bits of conversation in German. She moves forward to have a closer look. There is a hexagonal piece of old concrete, with various people scraping moss from it – on closer examination it is a blockhouse. It also has strips of copper inlaid into the top, they appear to be of some ritual significance.

The entrance in on the side she can observe and some lights coming from the inside. Herr Erberstrack is on top of the building issuing orders. There are also various other activities. A second generator is being put thought its paces, and a number of steel frames control panel with Bakelite knobs are being set up outside the blockhouse it appears to be a lit delicate and they are handling it quite carefully. Whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t appear to be complete. She comes back to report to the party.

We move back a way, and discuss the possibilities. Jacqui believes that there are 13 of them in total. We move back forward to take a look. We have a good overview position. John notices that there is someone in camouflage crouched in a bush about 20yds away from us on the same side of the ridge. He is wearing an old-style German helmet and he’s armed.

James tries to put him to sleep, unsuccessfully! Then succeeds! We tie him up and nick his gun. I choke him out – after a couple of attempts.

James appropriates his kit and takes his place. He can see that they are setting up a level 3 spirit gate. It looks fairly much as though they have got it all together. I rather think that we need to do something about this, and fast. I try to mess things up for them – not massively successfully. It seems to hold them up, but they replace a single diode and seem to be happy with it.

The radio goes. It’s the police asking what is going on. We say that they appear to be playing with some old military kit, but to hold off sending backup. The symbol on top of the block is the same as the one in the warehouse. We tell them that they appear to be undertaking some Nazi era ritual. The rest of the party drag the prisoner off – he’s beginning to come round, so we inform him as best we can that he’d better keep quiet or there is more of the same.

James is still there observing, they have set up a containment field. We decide to call the police in and radio to that effect. James suddenly acquires the ability to understand German. Observing, John sees that there are prime flows on the symbol, however it appears to him that it isn’t very powerful. James starts to develop an understanding of the mandala as have in, in essence, a send and receive function. It appears to just be powered up but not open.

We decide on a course of action. I shout as loud as I can – mainly swearing – John opens fire and puts a hole in the most central looking dial. It doesn’t have that great an effect on the spiritual effects. The bad guys all take cover. John takes out another panel, there is some diminution of the power. We can hear the sound of helicopters.

Jackie shoots and hits Erberstarck in the leg. His compatriots grab him and drag him into the blockhouse. Jaquie shoots one of them, but the other gets him inside. James fuses the doors open. The helicopter sounds closer. James runs away and smashes up the electronic gear, and is then shot from the blockhouse. He is generally but surprisingly OK, and gets on top of the building.

An announcement from the helicopter suggests that everyone should put down their weapons or be shot. We concur and demur. A bunch of black-clad and heavily armed figures come over the ridgeline. The come to Jacqui first and ask what has been happening. She tells them that there is a number of armed individuals in the blockhouse.

We are com[ared against photos and are allowed to re-tool up. We suggest that they extricate the people from the blockhouse. John sees that the prime level is building up and James disappears from the top of the blockhouse. The troops ask if John is a specialist in the use of arcane weapons. He answers inconclusively.

The black-clad figures take up positions on either side of the blockhouse

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