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Mage:Session 2

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Game Date: August 2012
Session Date: 6th April 2009
Author: Andy

Basic Training (1)

Arrive back at the Fort Nelson barracks over the next two weeks the days falls into 4; Physical Training built up to 6 miles run; classroom (Navigation, Radio Ops, Survival and First Aid/Battlefield Medicine); unarmed combat and range training (short muzzle Enfield 303).

Training during the first week the officer in charge of our training is a 2nd Lt Rupert Berrington, recently out of Sandhurst. Training continues into Saturday. We are issues with bergen and kit, and driven in the back of a Land Rover for 4 hours, turfed out of the vehicle and told to set up camp.

Sunday, John Seaton is given a set maps detailing orienteering points. It is confirmed that we are in the middle of the Brecon Beacons . He marks our location and the five points to visit, collecting a seal tin box at each point. After five hours we complete our circuit and return to camp. The Land Rover is missing but our objectives for tomorrow have been left.

There is speculation about the merits trying to complete some of the exercise early, I argue that this is not what is expected. There is a public house 5 miles away, and a village 8 miles. I elect to find some shade in the summer sun.

Barney James and John discuss the possibilities that our tutors will return and "attack" us this evening.

Monday dawns bright and uneventfully. We start out and complete the next day’s course, which contains a couple of ascents/descents. On returning to camp, there is beer waiting for us. The next day’s challenge is to move the camp to a new location. This will require a water crossing and a descent. We take a reccy of the route that afternoon: the descent doesn’t look too tricky and the river is easily fordable.

Tuesday: the weather has taken a slight change for the worse. We break camp and make our way to the new to the new camp. James Smith has a slight mishap on the way down but nothing serious.

James make the initial crossing of the river with a rope, we make our way across, all fully clothed. The Land Rover is waiting for us at the new camp location, and we dry off in front of the fire. A change of clothes is made available.

The next three day’s challenge is a 50-mile hike north, on only one ration pack. Berrington asks for our wallets. I palm a 20-pound note. Berrington doesn’t seem to spot this.

The following morning we set off. We make 20 miles that day. That evening we dine on poached rabbit and foraged mushrooms.

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