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Mage:Session 21

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Session 21 : Loopholes

Pinkie is sent for and rushed out to join the group. On arrival asks for James, only to learn that he has disappeared. The generator exhaust is cleaned out and Pinkie starts up the generator.

The second squad of GS9 forces with Captain Manfred Eldburg attached have prepared themselves with fresh ammo. Black kit and rifles are provided to John, Barnie and Jacqueline.

Pinkie gets the gate working and opens a small portal for a moment - then it collapses. Curses from below. Pinkie tries again and the gate re-opens, first a one meter sphere then enlarges. An orange light is pouring through from the other side - another world.

A new robot has been delivered and it is sent through. There is the sound of gunfire as the robot deals with the guards placed on the other side. The robot is then driven back out, the gate minimised whilst the 360 degree scan of the terrain on the other side is examined. The gate emerges on top of a small step pyramid, over to one side is another similar pyramid, a road down to a rough built large building with scrubby farmland beyond it. Over by this building is another step pyramid.

Coming along the road is the kettenkrad with a squad of infantry. The gate is enlarged, the GS9 force squad go through. A rocket launcher is used on the kettenkrad, wiping it out and scattering the infantry. The mages follow through and are ordered to take cover. It is cool, dry, airless and over bright on the other side. A large orange-red sun hangs in the sky. The horizon seems much closer than on Earth.

They observe that people are moving equipment from the building to the step pyramid nearest to it. John examines the pyramid he is taking cover behind and recognises the script. Remembers being at an exhibition, saw similar script; pre-Babylonian he thinks. He also notices that the arrival point is sat on a node.

The assault on the Nazi strong hold falter as the defenders deploy into a defensive stance. Over by the other step pyramid, James has taken cover and has realised that Jacqueline and co are now on this side of the gate. After considering running around in a big circle, he thinks of sending Jacqueline a note:

"Over by the other steppe pyramid - James PS - change my appearance again."

A lull in the exchange of fire develops as everyone takes cover. Then there is an upsurge from the Nazi defenders and a group breaks from the building, heading for the step pyramid where the bundles have been taken. About twelve people - an officer in a gas mask, a prisoner being bundled along by 3 people, a gorilla carrying a small object, Eberstark, and some guards.

The GS9 sniper hits the office, but he merely stumbles then recovers to continue on.

Jacqueline passes a spare rifle from a GS9 casualty through to James. Next she gathers up John & Barnie and ports across to where James is. With all four of them gathered, they start a firefight with the group coming to the pyramid.

John shoots the gorilla, knocking it down and causing it to drop the object it was carrying. That object now seen closer up is a head in a jar. But instead of crashing to the ground, the head-in-a-jar starts flying. Barnie shoots at the officer and misses. James has a jammed round when he tries to fire, so rolls into cover to clear it.

John shoots the flying head, causing it to wobble. Barnie hits the officer - looks like a severe wound, but he merely drops, heals and recovers. The bodyguards start to return fire, John is wounded.

Barnie next uses his magic to cause the magazine of a bodyguard soldier to explode, taking that man out of action. John shoots another soldier. James races to the top of the pyramid and finds a box of grenades amongst the supplies piled on top. John is hit again.

Barnie and John switch to 3 round bursts and fire at the soldiers, John hits another one. James struggles with the box, uses his enhanced strength to ripe it open then throws one at the soldiers. It goes too far and has no effect, other than causing them to dive prone.

Next James throws a grenade at the officer, head and Eberstark. John and Barnie throw grenades at the soldiers. However, none of these grenades go off.

Down below, the prisoner is sacrificed and the gate on this step pyramid triggers. For the mages, the light suddenly changes.

It is hot, humid and there is high canopy shade. The arrival point is on top of a flat topped cylinder of well fitted dark granite like rock. On the top is engraved the gate pattern, all the supplies from the top of the step pyramid is here. A rusting iron staircase leads down the side. Although the stone work looks old, the staircase looks like mid-20th century.

Over to one side is a number of large stone buildings and a massive Nissen hut shaped aircraft hanger. There is an overgrown runway and a bizarre ramp rail. All of this is standing in regrown jungle; parrots fly overhead.

Jacqueline reports that we are in South America, somewhere like Brazil, Peru or Argentine. James and Barnie attempt to destroy the gate pattern by setting off the remaining grenades on one point.

Inside the Nissen hut hanger is like a military aviation museum. There are examples of the Nazi jet propelled aircraft. There is also a 40 meter diameter silver disk.

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