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Mage:Session 22

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Session 22 : Manu a Manu

Examining the silver disk, roughly a quarter sector has been removed showing the interior. The contents show corridor and passageways on a human scale. The construction is utilitarian but the hinges etc are recessed away. The saucer is sitting on a cradle, an empty twin cradle stands alongside.

Next to the hanger is a barracks building, offices and mess capable of holding about 60, these all appear to have been abandoned decades before. In the mess is a large portrait of a red bearded German WWII officer the inscription reads: General Klaus Kahn.

James claims to have been warned "by friends" to avoid this dry if at all possible and report him to our superiors.

Jacqueline & John start on the repair of an old diesel generator attempting to power a radio. After a few hours working we are have a working radio and are

Manu control tower responds and Pervian airline respond. We announce ourselves as "Median Containment Expeditionary Force" and request a message to be passed to the British Government.

Some time later the radio comes alive again and a voice identifying himself as Abram suggests we move 5 miles south to the river where he can meet up with us.

The going through the jungle is not as tough going as expected. Jacqueline waits alone while the other take up position in the bush. A couple of hours later a long wooden covered canoe with outboard comes into view carrying two men. Abram claims that we can be back in Manu in a little over 3 hours.

Abram asks us whether or not we are military, he's curious as this area is a conservation area, we say we are an archaeological expedition and he ask if we are with the Ruhlman dig. Ruhlman is an American archaeologist.

We arrive at the Manu where we announce our presence at the police station. Abram appears with a satellite phone. I get though to Angleton who instructs us to get to Cusco and report to the consulate.

A plane is organised for the following day which will also bring medical supplies for the local hospital, and we arrive at the tourist lodge.

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