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Mage:Session 23

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Session 23 : Our Man in Cuzco

We start the day at the tourist lodge... We are woken at 5.00 am, dawn is breaking. We go from the sleeping hut to another stilted hut for breakfast. Pancakes – yum! Abram says that there is a flight arranged for 7.00 with the air force who run the local routes. We are also offered coca-tea – yum! Ah... maybe not so great...

Off we go on the boat back to the town and then to the airfield (such as it is). Abram has a chat with the pilot, but none of us are able to understand the conversation. A rather rickety aircraft appears, lands and bounces to a halt. A man and a woman disembark and start to take pictures, followed by a man in a green jumpsuit. He comes across to the party and tells us that we are not permitted to carry our weapons into the city. We ask if they can be forwarded via our consulate, which seems to be a possibility. We hand them over with our SWAT vests and much other kit including night vision (although John doesn’t let go of his). We keep our radios.

The pilot appears to be a rookie which becomes clear when the co-pilot makes much of the running on takeoff. Flight time about an hour, and we land at a surprisingly large civilian airport. We are a bit short of breath due to the altitude of the city. Our gear is wheeled over to a cabin shed other than the weaponry. We are questioned a bit at the customs shed but otherwise allowed on our way.

At the taxi rank. Jacqui has a signal on her mobile, so we call the consulate. They have no knowledge of us whatsoever and are not expecting us. We call the office, there is a recorded message purportedly from an Andina Travel, guiding us to the Hotel Monasterio. We ask the way and get the impression that this is a rather upmarket place. We get out some cash and take a taxi to the hotel.

The place improves as we move through the town to the centre. We pull into the hotel. We ask about Andina travel: reservations have been made and we are shown to our rooms in the east tower. This is a very expensive hotel! We are asked if we would like a car to go shopping – we would.

A car is summoned and we are taken to some rather expensive shops – expenses are a wonderful thing. Back at the hotel, I find a DVD that has been left; it has a news broadcast (quite a pejorative one) about VP Sarah Palin dating from 2008 including a piece of home-video from a couple of years earlier. She is at her local church undergoing a ritual for protection against witchcraft. This footage ends with her saying “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”.

Jacqui phones reception to ask if they know how it got there. They have no idea. This event seems to have something of a threatening aspect to it. Jacqui tries to see who had left the DVD,and succeeds in seeing that it was left by a woman in a hotel maids uniform, but with a rather too expensive haircut. She is of European descent. She appears to be undertaking a ritual whilst she is in the room, and appears to be using a mobile phone as her focus.

We try various checks, but get nothing more than that she was cautious in the room. I can’t get in to the computer system to check the card-keys or CCTV.

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