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Mage:Session 25

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Session 25 : Shadow

Arrived back in the hotel around 6pm from the trip to the Sacred Valley. We remember that the dead letter drop is in the Cathedral at 7pm. The Cathedral is on the Plaza, a large plaza surrounded by colonnaded pavement with shops, restaurants, Internet Cafes, etc. So we set off for the plaza on foot, each of us spots one or two of the tails but Jacqueline spots the third tail. This is a man on a moped. We can't make pick up with a tail, so we need to lose the tails. A brief discussion and we decide that given the difference in abilities between us, we need to split up as this will split up the tails at very least. Jacqueline and Barnie go one way, John and James the other.

Jacqueline and Barnie attract one foot tail and the moped tail. Jacqueline buys two holdalls along the way to the Railway station, nice bright orange. At the Railway station, she locks up one in a left luggage locker. Jacqueline an Barnie split up to split up the tails some more. The moped tail follows Barnie. Jacqueline With the other one she returns to the square and leaves it in a Cafe then lurks a little distance away to watch what her tail does.

John and James have only one tail, who is disguised as a boot boy but who isn't doing any polishing. They try to lose him but he sticks with them. In the end, John sends him and impulse to follow James and when he does, John makes his way to the Cathedral.

At the Cathedral, he discovers that it has node. This node is right inside the main doors and takes the form of a cylindrical rock set into the floor. This rock has a depression in the middle which contains cigarettes and coca leaves, offerings from the locals. There is a large painting of the last supper but with one major different - there is only one dish on the table, of some strange roasted beast.

John gets to the correct confessional and finds a bit of paper stuck up with a piece of gum under the seat. He slips the paper into his pocket without looking at it. He returns to the hotel where he carefully reads the note: "Witch hunter Jack James flying in 2300. Get clean and get safe."

Meanwhile James continues to try to lose his tail as a practice, then returns to the hotel. John wants to know where the others are. Barnie is returning to the hotel with his tail.

Jacqueline watches until a pair of men with dreadlocks wander past and snatch the bag from where it was abandoned. The tail follows the men with the bag until they reach another Cafe in the old quarter, down a back alley. Jacqueline tails the tail and watches. The tail settles to watch the two men. They search the bag then abandon it in disgust and start drinking with their friends in the Cafe. Jacqueline summons a street urchin and bribe him to take a note to the two men. Note reads: "Guy at table is following you, will either pick your pocket or come to your hotel with friends." The Dreads continue to drink with their friends, two of them come outside of the Cafe. The two in the Cafe then challenge the tail. A shouting match (in Spanish) ensues, tail goes to leave and the two outside clobber him. All then give him a beating. Jacqueline leaves quietly and returns to the hotel.

It's about 2130pm. James suggests that they go out for dinner at a Cafe he had found during his preambles. On the way we spot two tails, a foot tail and the moped. So we head for a marketplace that we had been instructed to pass through enroute to the safe house. This proved to be a vast rusty steel roofed structure full of closed up booths (unlike the plaza where the market stalls were still in full flow at this time). We enter and walk along a long aisle through the middle. This puts the foot tail behind us but the moped tail races around to the other end. As we go, Barnie's phone rings: "You got ticks." B:"We know." "Will remove tail, if you get moped guy." Click.

Barnie heads straight for the moped tail. When in range, Barnie tries to jinx the engine but fails, so he continues in for a physical assault. James tries to use his magic to turn the petrol in the carburettor to sugar but fails significantly. Jacqueline also casts and the engine dies. This distracts the moped rider, who looks down at the wrong time. Barnie barges him and he goes over tangled up in the bike. We run.

Arrive at the Backpack Loki hotel fifteen minutes later, clean of tails but being ignored by the man behind the desk. Cassie comes in, says something to him and he hands over three heavy brass keys. We have two single rooms and a double with two single beds. The main room is a pile of hippie clothing, hiking packs, walking sticks, boots, etc. Also there is some hair dyes. James dyes his dark, Jacqueline goes from long and mousy to short and black. John bleaches his to a blond. Cassie tells us that we will have to stay there for a day or so to give our debrief time to arrive.

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