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Mage:Session 27

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Session 27 :

Scene opens...

We are in a rather camp restaurant outside of Cuzco. Pinky still interrogating us. James explains that the Nazis in the Nexus had had a conversation in front of him. They went to a place called Neuvolksland, but had problems with Fimblevinter and Jottun – then wanted to go to Nazca but lacked the Enoch key. Erberstadt said that they had a team working on this. Not clear what they meant exactly.

James asks if this has any meaning for Pinky. Did anyone know anything about the situation. He says that the German colony in the jungle was known about, but no-one had given any particular notice to them as they didn’t seem to link to anything of interest. They had only just become of notice to the Laundry following our appearance in Peru.

Asked about General Klaus Kahn, Professor Orloff and General Hauptstadt, he has no idea about them at all. He says that he only just got any names from us, so they are clearly very interested in what we are telling them, and details will be passed to research and what they find fed back to us. He gives us a secure Blackberry for email communications. By popular vote Jaqui gets to take care of it. He says that we will need to remain on site, but suggests that we may want to put ourselves across as archaeological /anthropological researchers when dealing with the German colony. They are about 50K away, and he suggests that we get there by mini-bus. This will help to keep a low profile. Cassie wants to debrief us before she heads off – she has been recalled.

We discuss options for getting out of south America without falling foul of the US. No conclusion is reached. Jaqui suggests that we may want some intelligence backup regarding Jack James, someone who may be able to run interference for us if he starts getting close. He says that he will see what can be organised.

When asked about the German gate, he says that he is the Laundry expert in regard to gates, and he has had to leave it to come here. James makes some vague promises about learning more about them to help out. He will be available via secure email and will be our local control. He hands us over to Cassie, who is in a booth in the restaurant. She says that field operations are carried out by an executive team who are covert and deniable– that’s us. There is a director in the field who will be under embassy cover who can provide resources. There is also an director of operations who is in charge overall at a remove – i.e. at home.

She explains that the laundry and MI6 went their separate ways about 50 years ago, the Lundry grew out of SOE. She asks what we know about the necessary war. Nothing is the answer. She explains that people like us have always been part of the system due to ‘enhanced’ abilities to obtain influence for their respective groups. The balance of power tends to shift and has mapped the progress of civilisation. Dreamspeakers at a tribal level, then the Verbina, then the order of Hermes when education gained ground. The next big shift was the Celestial, Chorus who spent a lot of effort trying to get rid of any other group (e.g. the Inquisition).

Magic for the masses is a comparatively recent thing, although there are more ancient examples. These were largely written out of history, or the history erased. The different paradigms splintered off and some became horizon realms. There were other groups including a death cult – the Euthanos – although not clear what became to them or how powerful they ever were.

The earliest incarnation of the technologists were the Sons of Ether – that’s what the Lundry is the last surviving outpost of. This all seems to operate at a remove from governmental knowledge and control – the factions are embedded within governmental structures. The UK is largely controlled by the Technocracy, although we don’t stand entirely in opposition to each other. The technocracy are largely dedicated to reducing the use or usability of magic in a public sphere – the understanding of the ‘sleepers’ that magic cannot exist, enforces the fact that magic can’t be used without paradox, if useable at all. Technocracy at least has an internally consistent set of rules in order to achieve veracity. There have been problems. People seem to have ceased to believe the various sciences that have been agreed, probably because of the increasing complexity of the scientific model. This has led to a general turning away from science, and towards new age approaches and belief in vampires, werewolves, etc. This may have been fostered by adversarial groups.

Cassie says that this is the Celestial Chorus. Specifically the Abrahamic religions. They have gained the ascendancy in America, and they also represent the enemy in the war on terror! Heavy. They a[[arently suffered a very bad setback around the end of the 2nd world war, the acceptance of science gained a foothold in the popular imagination. Something happened Jan 1st 2000, there was a major shift, and things have been running the Celestials’ way since then. Probably something that happened in a horizon realm. It’s buggered up much of the scientific advance that had been taking place. The probabilities of future breakthroughs has been decreasing. Running along side of things is the Project for the New American Century, the current face of the Celestials. Scary people.

Apparently the Nazi faction were Technocracists but a factional group

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