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Mage:Session 3

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Game Date: Thursday 26th, August 2010
Session Date: 20th April 2009
Author: Myles

Basic Training (2)

The group has now completed the first leg of extended trek. We have completed 20 miles; only another 30 to go. With our foraging we have only used up one of the meal packs that we were supplied with – at least we won’t go hungry any time soon. We pitch camp in the lee of a hill near a stream, after some discussion we decide not to post a guard, although this follows some discussion whether the instructors are likely to hassle us during the night.

During the night, John dreams that he can hear a piece of music, and he is playing it with an orchestra but can’t follow it as he doesn’t have the sheet music. He realizes that he can still hear it while he is awake and it appears to be close by. It’s source appears to be about 50 yards upstream, and when he follows it he can feel that there is a sense of power from the point it appears to be coming from – which is a small waterfall. As he approaches it, a tendril of light extends out and attaches itself to him. It feels good, and over time he feels like he is developing a hunger for this to continue. Eventually he feels full, and goes back to the camp feeling very happy.

We all wake with the sun, which is very early. John seems to be full of beans today! I notice that he has a sort of glow emanating from him. Over breakfast, John explains to the rest of us what has gone on during the night. As I look at the waterfall, I can see a glow coming from it, but the other two don’t appear to do so. I feel drawn towards the place, and as I approach, a tendril of light attaches to me, but soon flickers and fades. I must say feel more energized. John offers to help me and seems to channel the energy towards me. He then helps Jacky in the same way.

After this is over with, we set off for the next stage. We carry on for a while, and realize that Jacky has disappeared and we are not sure how long she has been gone for. We retrace our steps for about half a mile, but can find no trace of her having walked that way, her footsteps just seem to end, so she doesn’t appear to have just sloped off. John notices that there is a point of energy at the point that she appears to have gone from.

Meanwhile, Jacky, who was focusing on reaching the next staging point, suddenly found herself there. 2nd Lt Rupert Berrington looking at her very surprised. She covers her own confusion by claiming to have hitched a lift. She leaves the comp on the understanding that is heading to the nearby village. On the way she experiments with trying to get back to the previous nights campsite in the same way, but fails. She feels that all her extra energy she got from the waterfall has gone. Meanwhile, the rest of us make a right mess of getting anywhere in good order, so we settle down for the evening. It is another quiet night. On the way the next day, I stumble down a rabbit hole, and really damage my ankle. James offers to take a look, and it has a miraculous effect. Next thing, my foot is fine.

Jacky has spent the night at an inn and in the morning decides that she will try to meet up with the rest of us. She can tell where she is and where we are. After we arrive back in Portsmouth we are discharged for the weekend. John has a letter waiting for him from another academic, a Professor Mundify requesting to meet. He replies that he will be available the following weekend.

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