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Mage:Session 31

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Session 31

We are standing by the light railway having been greeted by Herr Gunther Brecht in a converted Nazi era uniform. We give him the spiel about carbon offsetting and land preservation. He in turn tells us abpout the sustainable way that they have rediscovered pre-columbian land management techniques. He thinks that their approach would be of interest to our investors. He invites us to load up our kit and climb aboard the train.

We have a chat with Ingrams and Cavendish, about the best way to proceed. We decide to all go together in the open, back-to-back ‘carriage’, stowing our kit in a cargo truck. It takes about 15 minutes, before coming into a more cultivated area food planted and buildings. Some military style corrugated steel, and some like the lodges that we have stayed in previously, somewhere between about 35 and 40 dwellings in total. Everything is white, including a small church. There is a lake, and parked in it is a flying boat, large enough for about 12 people.

We are invited to join them for evening prayers, if we wish, and to join them for dinner later. The crowd headed to church appear to be an older generation who are very Teutonic in appearance (men, with Peruvian looking women), but the younger generation are clearly mixed heritage. About a quarter of the population would appear to be elderly. The whole place is very well ordered and maintained. A group who appear to be a choir are out in front, and they are headed by two men in robes, both of whom appear to be enlightened to the prof. The older of them is apparently equal in power to him focussing on Prime which means that we are visible, the younger slightly less so but focussed towards Forces. He uses a rather hokey old signal to alert the rest of us that there is someone else enlightened in the vicinity.

We proceed in with caution. The inside had started out as austere, but appeared to be melded with some more catholic over the top decoration. There is some german military memorabilia included, but nothing explicitly Nazi. The service is in german, protestant rather than catholic, but the sermon is given in English, apparently in our honour. After the final hymn, the majority of them process down to one of the main huts which is filled with tables and benches. We are served guinea pig We are seated with a fella called Hans who is multi multi lingual, and who appears to know Theo quite well. He is apparently a trader. He asks what we would like to do – would we like to take photographs? He then quizzes us on the whole issue of offsetting, and how this would all work for them, and what the perceived benefits are.

They show us the rather traditional way that they cultivate the land which allows their fields to weather flooding without loss of value of the soil.

We are approached by Father Michael – the older priest – who asks what a group of people ‘with our particular talents’ are doing in a place like this. The prof gives his some slightly waffly answer. He is aware that the priest also has quintscence flowing though his aura. He asks if we are concerned with the energy and health of the planet. The prof expresses an interest in nodal areas, particularly where these may have been enhanced through ritual, and to make sure that these remain undisturbed. The priest expresses that he may choose to believe our stated motive, but asks who we respresent. We explain that it is an informal coalition with the Sons of Ether and others. He appears to be rather disparaging of the Technocracy, and the fact that we seem to be coming from the same general approach. We are at pains to say that it is possible that technology may actually be part of the problem in this case, causing ravaging of natural resources. He asks about whether our backers can help them with hard currency, for investments in the trees or through regularised business arrangements for their coffee. We express some level of interest in this. We are shown to our accommodation which is in one of the new style houses. Ingrams goes through the bag of weaponry, only to state that the rifles have been disabled. James notices that there is some sort of spiritual disturbance somewhere in the distance, but can’t tell what it may be, John, also takes a look. At the far end of the village by the hut that the kitchen is in there appears to be some energy there that is nirther growing nor shrinking, but steady. Notes that the kitchen only takes up about one fifth of the space, and we can’t tell what is in the rest of it. We rig up some sort of alarm across the doors and settle down for the night, having agreed a watch pattern.

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