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Mage:Session 35

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Game Date: 17th October 2010
Session Date: 26th July 2010
Author: Myles

Cards on the Table

We make it back to the hut at about 3.00 am and retire for the evening. Seem to have got away with it.

At dawn we can hear people making their way to breakfast, we decide to join them, although it is a bit of an effort. Father Michael asks us if there is anything else that we would like to see today. I ask what may be of further interest to us, to which he replies that we have seen anything that they would normally show people. We say that we'll let him know after breakfast.

He goes and sits with a group who are dressed slightly differently from the rest of the population - they are referred to as 'the choristers'. They are young and of mixed race.

At breakfast Jacqui suggests that we ask to see the cellar. Hmmm. Cavendish offers to take point if we choose to go ahead with this. Seaton sugggests that the prime patterns are familiar and this may conform with our suppposition that it is Orloff and Habstadt. James confirms that this is the case, as he's been if fairly close contact with them.

Jaquline and Seaton try to read Father Michael and Father Johannes, he suggests that Father Michael wants us gone, but we can't read Johannes - Seaton says he is as powerful as him. We decide to go ahead with the plan.

Jacqueline approaches Michael and says that we've been sent to find out what has happened to the doctor and the general, and to make sure that everything is secure, and we will then be out of his hair. He says that he is impressed by our speed in getting to the village so soon after them. He asks if we would be able to remove them from the village. Jacqui says it is possible, but it will take some organising. He suggests that wew use their sea plane. He notes that we will have to take care of their medical condition.

He says that we must be discrete, as although all the village knows about them, they don't really want to be reminded about them, I ask if this means that the whole place knows about him, and he replies that they are and the general and doctor were difficult to subdue, but the locals are generally more accepting of magic.

They suggest that the gorilla may now be dead, Habstadt was wounded and Orloff is helpless without the gorilla.

We go back to the hut and stand Ingrams and Cavendish down, we then contact Pinky by the satelite phone. We explain that they want us to take them away. He is a bit nonplussed by this. We say that we will need backup. He says that if we can get them to Venesuela by flying boat, we will be in a better position.

Pinky aslso suggests that we should take a look at the Jsmestown site. We decline as it is more important to get them safely gone from the village. We explain the situation to Cavendish and Ingrams, that there are two beings with supernatural powers, one of whom is a head in a jar - with a gorilla. They are remarkably calm in the circumstances.

We decide to inspect the prisoners. We break out the weapons. Fathers Michael and Johannes and some of the choristers are wandering towards the hut. they are armed but look friendly with weapons slung. he warns us that although they were injured when locked in the cellar, they are likely to be trouble. He then goes on to say that they were of the original project, which was of a deeply blasphemous nature. He is unwilling to disclose more about this.

We take up positions around the trap door...

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