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Mage:Session 41

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Game Date: 27th November 2010
Session Date: 29th November 2010
Author: Stuart

Scotch Missed

We gathered in the debris strewn corridor outside the room from which the purplish-red light and chanting were coming. Each made their preparation. Unfortunately the thing the other side of the rift sensed our energies and its voice boomed out. "There are stirrings in the Ether."

James reached over and pulled the door open. Inside was a larger chamber, the remains of an old laboratory, busted up, pieces scattered all over the place. In the middle was a cleared area, with a chalk marked circle, of the type used for summoning. A couple, naked and chanting, were stood to either side of the circle performing the ritual. Above the circle is a crack in reality which radiated in various directions and emitting the purplish red light.

"Be swift my minions." Boomed the voice and their chanting picked up its pace. From outside of the blockhouse came a loud booming sound.

Barnie pointed the funny gun at the crack in reality and triggered it. Nothing happened. He pointed it at the floor then looked ghast at the red point of laser light that the gun was generating. More yellow light poured out of the crack, into the eyes of the two people and they chanted even harder. John cast his magic to make feathers appear in the throat of the woman, Jacqueline stepped forward and fired the shotgun at the man. The woman choked and stopped chanting. The man went down poleaxed by the shot to his chest. Seeing the crack in reality, James focused and put all his effort into strengthening the barrier between reality and the spirit plane. The crack in reality snapped close. The crashing sound from outside stops.

The woman becomes hysterical. James immediately goes forward to deal with the injury to the man. Immediately diagnosises a collapsed lung caused by the shotgun blast. Jacqueline, Barnie and John retreat outside to see what all the crashing from outside was about. They find that Renne has been splashed over the outside of the blockhouse and the girl is missing. Jacqueline made a careful examination and realised that the strange invisible gelatinous monster must have grown even more. Barnie started up the generator and they found the trail of the creature leading off. Down in the bunker, James turned from the wounded man and sternly ordered the woman to go and get dressed. With her out of the way, he returned to the man. Without magic or sufficient medical equipment he wasn't going to live and now without witnesses, James could act freely and a careful casting sealed up the internal injury. James applied bandages to the external wounds to stop their bleeding. Whilst he was busy with this, the woman returned, asked many awkward questions from which James deduced that she couldn't remember anything that had been happening, so decided not to enlighten her. Then she remembered her daughter and rushed outside. James shrugged, considered something, then moved the man to a side room before following her outside.

Outside, they have been talking to control and reading the notes that came with the red laser weapon. James mentionsed that the man needed hospital treatment to Jacqueline and she phoned for an ambulance. They send the woman up to the road to wait for it. Barnie talked to control, the red laser weapon is for directing an airstrike. What's the danger zone from the airstrike? One hundred metres, preferrably two. Barnie asked what the creature is and was told that it was the result of the bovine hybrid with a type three entity. The notes with the laser weapon certainly indicated that this could be the case. James considered his earlier thought and suggested trying to open a portal again as a way of attracting the beast but the rest looked at him in disbelief. James shrugged, well it was only a suggestion.

During the interlude, Barnie suddenly realised that he understood how the generator worked. He showed Jacqueline and she figured out how to do it too then extended the effect to her line of sight. In the distance, just before a line of trees, she spotted the monster and riding above it was the little girl Lizzie. Having a direction, we jogged after the monster. By the time we broke through the narrow strip of trees on a ridge, the monster was most of the way to a round topped hill about a mile away. John reported that there is a node on top of that hill too. James warned the rest that he thinks that the monster was using people to try and open a rift to the spirit plane. Lizzie would be the next victim. There was no way we can get to the hill in time to stop this on foot.

After a bit of muttered swearing, Jacqueline informed us that she was going to teleport to the hill and take everyone she could with her. However, all she could manage was to get herself and Barnie to the hill. They arrived as the monster was storming up the hill. Lizzie was seen to be sitting on a tentacle in the middle of the creature's back. Jacqueline blasted the creature with both barrels of the shotgun but caused only temporary damage. Barnie attempted to rescue the girl, ran up, leapt but slipped and fell in the mud. The edge of the monster ran over him, pressing him further into the mud. Jacqueline reloaded and blasted the monster again whilst yelling at Barnie to get up and try again. The monster just ignored both of them, heading straight to the node. As Jacqueline reloaded again, Barnie struggled up, ran at the monster and leapt. However, all he could do was reach the tentacle on which Lizzie was sitting. He grabbed the girl and leapt back off just avoiding being caught by another tentacle. The monster continued to grab at Barnie. Barnie ran back to Jacqueline as she unloaded another blast into the creature. The creature turned from its rush to the node and began to head towards them. They began to run back down the hill then Jacqueline suggested teleporting back to where James and John were waiting. She traded the loaded shotgun for the girl as the first step of this. Whilst Jacqueline focused to teleport the girl back to James and John, Barnie focused on the shotgun to enhance its damage. Barnie shot the monster with the enhanced round, causing it to recoil. Jacquline teleported the girl. Then she grabbed Barnie and teleported back to James and John.

Jacqueline reported that the monster was coming our way, twenty minutes or so away. She took the laser pointer and aimed at the monster since she was the only one that could see it in the distance. Barnie phoned up and called for the airstrike. John casted magic to make mental contact in order to confuse the monster and slow its progress. He seemed to sink into a trance. He later reported that he fell into a nightmare or series of nightmares. In the first, he was cold, freezing, in a landscape of snow and ice, he was feeling abandoned then he died. Next, he was on a meter floor, there was heavy gunfire, artillery, people crowded around, packed in, its rocking like a boat, "Ready" shouts a voice, the front of the landing boat dropped down, more artillery, machine gun fire incoming, hit, hit badly, fade to black. And so on...

James examined Lizzie whilst the others were busy. Her lifeforce was Ok, her prime was mildly affected, but her spirit energy was kinked, so James reached in fixed this. Phone rang, the plane was on station, Jacqueline lit up the monster with the laser weapon. An odd looking plane descended out of the low cloud, making a sound like thunder, then shuddered and nearly came to a halt as its cannon rattled. A visible line of destruction traced from the plane to the monster. The monster began to twitch as the heavy rounds smashed into it. The plane then released a large vaned cylinder, the bomb. It descended heading straight for the target. It landed.


John came out of his trance. We all got back to our feet. Out on the moor was a large crater and from the sky came a splattering of blobs. We turned and returned to the bunker, then to the road and finally to the landrover. At the bunker we find a clean up squad already at work. The Ambulance has already been to collect the parents. With the landrover, we head for the hospital to return Lizzie to her parents. After that we repair to a hostelry for food and alcohol.

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