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Mage:Session 5

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Game Date: Sat 28th, August 2010
Session Date: 1st June 2009
Author: Stuart

Weapons Traing & New Beginnings

Jacqueline went out to Dionysus on Southsea common. He arrived about 11am and they took a long slow wander around the common whilst Dionysus tested Jacqueline's abilities.

He got her to picture a well known place. When she did, he asked how far away it was and she knew the answer to the meter and that family were home. The next test was with an old car, where he asked how it was going to fail but she couldn't answer him.

Next was with electrical power which she could sense. Dionysus commented that they would need to go out of town to test spirit, when Jacqueline asked why, he explain that it was more difficult to get through to the spirit world where there were many sleepers. They discussed the nature of the spirit domain, where anything you desire you could imagine could be found. Why did he stay on Earth then, because it was the best place.

During this discussion, Dionysus warned about forcing magic because bad things could happen. Next they sat in the sun and Dionysus did a trick with time. The sun jumped across the sky, the people seemed to move quickly. Jacqueline tried to do the same and only achieved a little acceleration. Jacqueline sat and asked about why Dionysus is helping her when they are on different teams.

Dionysus says that he is happy to take the risk. Jacqueline is happy with the teacher-pupil relationship but not if he starts to pressure she with respect to the operational stuff that we would be asked to do. Dionysus laughed, no he wouldn't interfere with the work we would be asked to do, he was more concerned with making Jacqueline safe when she worked magic and he wanted the opportunity to put the Traditions side of magic.

29th August 2012

At the fort we were introduced to the new trainer for this next week of training. Ex Regimental Sgt Major Richard Hale (R.M.) "Guz". Mid-50's with grey thinning hair, moustache, scar on the bald patch - someone broke his skull, built of whipcord and leather. Starts us with running around the ditch again for an hour. Then into the classroom for firearms familiarisation. First the M4A1 rifle. Good up to 400m.

Guz "In one wall of a house and out the other wall"

Barney "Will we have much use for such things?"

Guz "It's just my business to get you trained."

Second the Glock17. Useful at 2-4 metre range. When we don't believe this, he runs us around the fort then gets us to fire a target at 10metres. We are all useless. Gus then related his experience with a pistol and a rifle when a gook was lining up on him. He emptied the pistol without coming anywhere near then with a single rifle round took the gook. Last is the HK M5P-SD. 9 by 19 Parabellum. Good to 200m and with the silencer nearly silent. This is illegal.

We then go down to the firing range to practice. John Seaton consistently scores the best score. Barney, firing gangster style, manages no hits on his first try. When he gives up on the gangster styly, he manages to hit the target. Jacqueline fails on her first try as well.

After lunch we get unarmed combat training, including the dirty stuff, head butting and shin kicking. The rest of the week is the same, with MP5 training on Tuesday and Wednesday, and M4A1 training on Thursday and Friday. Get our course completion certificates at the end of the week.

5th September 2012

We have to show up at Gun house. From the front it is a Late 19thC solid brick house of three storeys. The plaque outside says MOD. On the door our passes were inspected.

Inside the secretary tells us to report to Median Containment. The building plan diagram shows an anchor shaped build except that semi-permanent portacabins have been built into the spaces between the arms of the anchor. We have to climb to the third floor of one of these.

Inside is a maze of desks and filing cabinets, piled with folders, paper and junk. A secretary "Morag" intercepts us and identifies us as the "new SSO's". Sends us to find coffee whilst she gets " Bridget". We find an odd collection of abused mugs, instant coffee, instant milk, white sugar and a kettle to make indifferent coffee with. Then we are shown into Bridget's office. She welcomes us and promises that desks and PCs have been sorted out for us.

Bridget is a management type, 40 something, dressed in suit, cropped blond hair, bossy type.

Tells us that the department is based on matrix management, we report 60% to her, 40% to Andrew, our field ops boss. They takes us around to see Bob.

"Morning Bob, these are the new victims. Have you got desks, PCs and accounts for them?"

"Er, you know what the supplies department are like. So I got the table from the meeting room, set up their accounts and cobbled together four PCs from the spares we've got."

Indeed in one corner is a table crowded with four of the oddest PCs we've ever seen.

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