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Mage:Session 6

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Game Date: Mon 6th, September 2010
Session Date: 8th June 2009
Author: Andy

First Days at the Department of Median Containment

Bridget goes through the induction schpeel getting us signed up for Health and Safety and Equality training courses. Bob suggests "Base level necromancy", but Bridget casts him a dirty look.

Bob, who seams to act as the local IT staff, shows us round the system.

Other introductions are made: Harriet, head of branch. A deeply patronising woman in her late 40s. We finally get to put a face to this Andrew Millington character, who is not exactly pleased to see us as he appears to be in the middle of a crisis. He had a different idea of how are team is to be split between Bridget and himself. I hope this isn't indicative of what happens when you have these two as managers.

Bob really does appear to be signing us up for "Base level necromancy".

Bob believes that we are a discrete risk and our role he is not to bring about the end of creations, and in return receive a wage and eventually a pension. Alternative we are to watch the more wacky items of news and act as spin control, plausible stories denials and mundane explanations.

After lunch he takes us down to the archive's stack room. Here are listed case studies, anything out of the ordinary, if it makes to mainstream media will receive an entry here. 95% is labelled as "Mundane Explanation", this archive only appear to cover south of the country. Bobs claims that the American have a similar system but "theirs is computerised and works", however "they don't talk to us". We appear to have good working relations with Western European countries and Commonwealth rather than the States or elsewhere.

Bob has been working here for three year. Including us and Bob there are six of us. That leaves one other. He was recruited alone, he makes reference to Pinky and The Brain having moved up to London. Bob says there is a twin of our office at "Darlington or Leeds, or somewhere.

Andrew Millington reappears and takes us upstairs to introduce us to Angleton.

On the top floor the offices are all hard wood panelled, Angleton sits behind an large desk on which sits a 1920s typewriter and a micro-fiche reader. Angleton sense to know of us, welcomes us to organisation, and suggests that "all stories are true". The office doors shut heavily locked, at his gesture, leaving the room lit only by gas lamp.

"In here is not out there. What we do here is not for Bridget, they that keep the week contained."

"I'm hoping that you lot are special, if you work for me it will be dangerous but rewarding".

"What will we be doing", asks Barney.

"Saving humanity from its darker nightmares."

"You do not have to decide straight away. But for the moment you will have to put up with Bridget and the others".

Barney asks how much Bridget and the other know, and what they believe.

Angleton says that they are in a state of denial, have have convinced themselves, if the ever needed convincing that the fairy tale the tell are true.

Angleton says the the third floor is guarded by a level 3 ward.

We are rated for Secret and below. Nothing to be taken out of the building. We may be granted access to individual documents on a case by case basis and must stay within the archive. Black case folders are warded to which we will be given as necessary. Any case file over 20 year old my be warded, so attention needs to be paid. This may result in insanity, haemorrhaging, and demonic possession. Angleton, who has been present throughout, can provide mundane support the the field teams.

For tomorrow we are begin sent up to London, for a fortnight, to attend training courses. We are put up in decent hotel in Smithfields.

Barney spends the evenings practising his new found skills on fruit machines.

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