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Mage:Session 7

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Game Date: September 2010
Session Date: 22nd June 2009
Author: Myles

Further Training

For the last two days of the second week in London, we are ordered to attenda different office than we have been going to for training up to now. It is a very run down Victorian building in poor repair - from the outside at least.

We are here for the "necromancy" course that Bob booked us on.

At the reception, we are welcomed to "The Laundry" and are then directed toward a lift to take us to the basement. On the way down, a discussion takes place between the Prof and the rather unapproachable girl (I really must try to remember their names, John and Jacqui I think) about the relative intensity of auras.

As a follow on, they then try an experiment in mental communication - it seems to work. The prof then tries to broadcast communications to more than one person and it works for me but not the others. I try to communicate back to the others, but only the Prof picks this up. Is he actually the one who all this communication centres on?

In the basement we are met by Michael Thorpe, a man in his early 30s and with a perceptable aura - for those of us able to perceive it. He is the tutor.

Also there is a strange little man called Aaron Sykes who at first sight appears to be some sort of accountant. And carries on looking like on on second, third and fourth sight. He has no aura, and appears to me (and probably the rest of the party) to be rather out of place in this setting. There is a quick mental exchange to this effect, neither of the Michael and Aaron seem to notice this.

We are shown into a room full of what looks like Victorian lab equipment with a large pentagram in the middle of the floor, and we are told not to touch anything. The course is introduced as Planar Barriers and Extra Planar Entity Containment. Sykes looks a bit uninterested despite the rather intreguing course title. Jacqui checks with him, and it appears that he thinks that this is a good way to get a day out of the office.

Michael advises us that when undertaking this kind of activity to keep our pentagrams earthed. He then sprinkles some holy water around, and there is then some electrical humming in the background. For the next while there is a lot of preparation and activity going on resulting in a small "rift" being opened and closed, but none of this interests Sykes who just keeps on doodling away.

After lunch, things start happening. Michael says that he will now try to create a bigger rift and to set some bait. With that he pricks his finger a drips a drop of blood into the centre of the pentagram. The equipment is then fired up. The drop of blood begins to rise.

At this point Sykes starts to take notice. He sees the blood drop and looks fascinated. He steps into the pentagram and begins to flick the blood drop. Michael shouts "Stop", but then sees how far gone the situation is, and then pushes him into the pentagram. He turns up the power to maximum.

Sykes slumps, and then stands up. there is a strange glow behind his eyes.

James, the big guy, starts to chant what sounds a bit like a church ceremony - I guess that this must be exorcism or something like it. Michael just seems to be at a bit of a loss.


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