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A systematic collection of paranormal powers, magic emerged in the world shortly after the first Distortion formed. A demon entered Earth from a magic-world, the use of his powers spread magic throughout this reality. As a consequence demons and magic-users appeard, while humans acquired the ability to use magic.

Magic Powers

The following powers and abilities have been observed since the emergence of the Distortions: teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, biokinesis, pyrokinesis, cryoknesis, temporal distortion, energy emission, matter distortion, regeneration, precognition, acceleration, strength increase, modular connection, astral projection, interdimesional access, time travel and ressurection. Some of these powers only belong to the highest end individuals.

Levels of Magic-Users

  • Rousseau Level. Very limited, typically possess a single inactive spell of low power. This type of magic user is rare, as most people invest in a higher degree of power. Most individuals in this category possess their magic without being aware of it.
  • Platonic Level. Equivalent to lower-level demon. Possess energy balls, teleportation and one other minor power or physical trait.
  • Wittgenstein Level. Possess teleportation, energy ball ability, energy shield ability, telikenesis and limited regenerative ability. The majority of magic-users are at this level.
  • Nietzche Level. All the abilities of a Wittgenstein Level, but more powerful and better developed. This level contains most upper-level demons and human magic-users oriented for combat.
  • Leibniz Level. The basic power and orientation of a Nietzche level, with a wider range of powers.
  • Ascendance Level. Almost always a demon, possess enormous strength and endurance. At one point an Ascendance demon picked up an eight hundred pound shielded mech with one hand, and threw it over half a mile away.
  • Turner Level. Massively powerful and virtually indestructable, contains almost every potential magic power. Turner Levels have been known to destroy entire technologically advanced armies single-handedly, and ...Turner Level magic users are normal humans granted unrestricted access to the demonic Wasteland, to date only two known Turner-levels have appeared. One of these is Cole Turner, while Marcus Dixon is theorized to possess the same powers. Both Turner Levels are presumed dead at present, though some speculate that Turner Level magic users cannot be destroyed, with their apparent death causing them to revert to the Wasteland to reacquire their powers.

Prominent Magic-Users

  • Julian Sark. Previously a member of the Covenant, he went on to become the founder and nominal leader of the Squid. Killed in a CIA raid against his compound.
  • Cole Turner.
  • Marcus Dixon.
  • Psykes.
  • Harold Abbott.
  • Andrew Brown.
  • The Avatars.
  • Ephraim Brown.
  • Amy Abbott.
  • Hannah.
  • Bright Abbott.

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