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>Hello and welcome. This is the Mahapedia owned and run by ~Shinta-sama and Alexjohnc3.

I figured that Maha needed a holy book about now. I figured, why not create a holy book where users can collaberate on the content?

It is a perfect idea that we have been using for centuries! The bible was originally passed on through speach and the teller of the story would sometimes add in their own little peice to the story, until we finally figured it needed to be written. So why not the same with the Mahapedia? Ingenious!

Maha is a mysterious man who lives in Space and creates planets all day. Maha is a extremely powerful being, and considered the Most 1337 being in the universe.

The term Master Maha was originally from the game, Golden Sun. The term was later coined by AlexJohnc3 and some kid named Mark back in 2002-2003 C.E.

Since then AlexJohnc3 and ~Shinta-sama have been using the term and now ~Shinta-sama has created a wiki for the bible of Maha.

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