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How to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

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Generally, everyone should be pleased with the body they were blessed with. Regrettably, many alter their figures through surgery or pills.

There's no harm in having small breasts but sometimes a girl might want to add that extra plus to her body. Read on for harmless non-surgical tips on how to visually increase your cup size. Though there are many ways to try and make your breasts appear bigger, a few are mentioned below:

Camouflage Effect

This way is for if you decide against the surgery and pill route and you just want your breasts to appear larger without changing or over exhausting yourself.

Bra Selecting

First, you want to select a bra that fits you perfectly. Not having the right bra on can certainly make a difference in the appearance of your breasts. For example, a loose fitting or a bra that's too small will not cup your breasts and will make it seem as if your breasts have disappeared.

A bra that is too tight could increase the risk of cancer or cause the bra straps to create red welts that are seen when you remove your bra.

Among the good bras to select are push-up or padded bras. Push-up bras, usually made of foam, will help push up your breasts and create that extra cleavage. Padded bras, like push-up bras are designed to do the same thing except it doesn't provide extra cleavage or uplift your breasts. Inserts, whether gel, water, or air, can also be brought and inserted into your bra to make it appear as if your cup size has increased.

Another technique would be to cross your bra straps on your back instead of wearing them straight. This will help to uplift your breasts, make your breasts look larger, and create cleavage.

Choosing your outfit

The most simplest way would be to buy shirts that make small breasts look bigger. Such as tops with patterns, lace, twists, pleats, jewels, ruffles, or pockets to assist in visually enhancing your chest. However, be sure not too buy a size shirt too big or else it will make your boobs look smaller instead of bigger.

Keep in mind to refrain from purchasing low V or low scoop necklines as they will do the opposite of enhancing the size of your chest. Not only is purchasing the right type of shirt an important factor but buying the right color and pattern. This will help the visual effect of the enhancement of your breasts size. Usually with colors it's the darker color that creates the illusion of something being smaller and lighter colors give the body a larger look.

When deciding on what to wear be sure to select the duller colors for your bottom half and the lighter colors for your upper half therefore creating that perfect hourglass figure. You can also wear dark pants and a lighter stripped shirt to give your hips a narrow effect and enhancing the look of your chest.

The Basic Route

One way to achieve perkier and bigger looking breasts is to keep your head held up, chest forward, shoulders back and down, and spine in an upright position. Not only will it help to make your boobs look bigger but make you look taller and slimmer as well.

Eating a well balanced meal

One should make sure to eat healthy to stay in shape and keep at a healthy weight. If working out, be sure not to loose too much weight making you slimmer and causing the slimming down of your breasts since they are composed of fat.

Certain foods can also help to visually enlarge your boobs such as foods that contain phyto-estrogen – chemicals which are similar to the estrogen hormone. Due to the fact that estrogen is in charge of providing you with lovely feminine curves, an increase of this hormone in your body can assist you in achieving a bigger chest.

Among the foods that are rich in estrogen are soybeans, wheat, barley and rye (gluten grains), and dairy products.

More Helpful Foods

Other foods that can assist in the breasts boosting process are those which contain bromine and manganese. These both help stimulate the sex hormones in our body along with increasing the sensitivity of receptors in the breasts tissues, hence making them more receptive to estrogen.

Foods that contain bromine are in nuts and fruits, such as pears, grapes, almonds, walnuts, and apples. Manganese, on the other hand, is found in seafood such as mussels and prawns. It can also be found in spices, corn, and wholegrain rice.


Ever seen how make-up is applied on the nose to create a skinnier or longer looking nose? The same can apply to your chest. This sneaky secret can be done by applying a darker shade of foundation than your normal skin tone. This will create that extra cleavage look and no one would ever guess that it's just make up, but be careful that it doesn't smear.

Begin with applying the darker color (bronzer or powder) in the area down the middle of your chest, between your breasts. Then, blend the color by creating an upward and outward motion along the curves of your breasts as if you're writing a V-shape.

Next, take a lighter color and place it on the top half of your breasts and blend it together. Avoid using too much and using shimmering powders. Finally, check in the mirror to see if your breasts look decent enough. If not, then add more of the darker color in the center to build and deepen the color. Though, when doubtful, you should necessarily go with applying less makeup than more.

Breasts Massaging

How will this do anything you ask? The same way a body massage is soothing and good for the nerves in your body, the same way massaging your breasts is good for triggering the nerves and increasing the blood flow. By gently massaging your breasts, this will aid the growth of your breasts in time as well as possibly preventing them from sagging in the future.

Start by using your hands to cup your breasts and using a light circular motion over the whole of your breasts. To promote circulation, you can massage under your armpit as well. Next, you want to knead your breasts in a lifting and pressing motion. Repeat these steps regularly from two-to-three times a week for five minutes.

Working Out

This intensive workout will help you achieve firmer and larger looking breasts by doing 4-to-6 sets of 6-to-12 reps of ONE of these exercises therefore helping to build up the muscle located underneath the breasts.

Board Push-ups

Instead of doing the basic push-ups with your hands to the floor, use a board game boxes. The more boxes you place and higher away from the floor, the more you'll begin to feel it in the back of your arms. On the other hand, the lower you are to the floor the more you'll begin to feel it in your chest, shoulders, and arms. So doing a full push-up as close to the floor as possible will help your breasts to become firmer.

Chair Push-ups

By using a chair, you place your hands on the seat of the chair and do a basic push up until your chin touches the seat of the chair. Repeat this step over again. By completing this exercise, you assist the lifting of your breasts along with firming and toning the chest area.

Wall Push-ups

While standing against the wall, line your legs with your shoulders and make sure that your back is straight and your toes are facing directly towards the wall. Place your hands on the wall and do push-ups.

Easy Floor Push-ups

Begin by lying on your stomach and crossing your ankles. Bend your elbows and place your hands on the floor on the side of you but above your shoulders. Push up onto your arms and raise your body off the ground, be sure to keep them straight during this process along with keeping your knees firmly on the ground. Hold this pose for two-to-five seconds then slowly go back down.

make breasts look bigger

Body-weight Chest Flye

On a tile or hardwood floor, take two towels and place them under both hands. Assume a push-up position but with your legs crossed behind you and knees on the floor. You can also use a third towel to place under your knees for support. After placing your hands on both towels, slide both hands out horizontally until your chin goes down to the floor. Come back up and repeat this step.

Cable Flyes

Start off with your arms completely extended in a stretched position. While exhaling, slowly proceed to bring both fists forward until they touch. Hold this position for two seconds, hence allowing the chest muscles to contract. Then, slowly allow your hands to retract back to your original starting position. Before proceeding onto repeating this step, take the time to relax therefore making sure you allow the muscles in your chest to extract.

Machine Bench Press

Position yourself on a machine bench press (whether seated or lying flat on your back). Begin by simply pressing the weight outward/upward in a fast pace. Upon returning to your starting position, be sure to do it in a slow fashion. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

After selecting one of the above exercises you can then proceed on to choose one of the following for back firming:

Lying Bench Rows

Begin by laying down on bench or something high enough to allow your arms to fully stretch out during this exercise. Lay down and extend each arm on each side on the bench. With weights in each hand, stretch our your arms as if you are about to touch the floor then retract them back and hold for two-to-five seconds. Repeat this process.

Pull-ups or Chin-ups

With either a machine or self-installed one in your house, push yourself in an upward position until your chin passes the bar and then release. Repeat this step as much as you can.

Each of these back firming exercises will help to improve your overall posture and allow your chest to stick out more giving you that bigger breasts look you desire. Ideally, you should complete these exercises 1-to-2 times a week but not on back to back days. If you decide you use weights then make sure they are not too light and not too heavy.

I hope that one of these methods helped you to accomplish your goal. Good Luck!

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