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Make Your Butt Bigger

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Big Butts Are In!

All men love a curvy figure, and there are simple steps you can do to increase your bottom line. For some women this will come easily, but there are certain body types who may have to work much harder.

And of course, the type of body you want to have will also make a difference in how hard you have to work.

Women who want a large, lush bottom like Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, and Coco Austin will be able to come by these curves more easily than those who want a firm, very toned bottom like Jessica Biel has.

I will show you how to achieve both, and of course you can mix and match tips as you see fit.

I've also included advice on clothing which will accentuate your new hourglass figure--and for those of you who are unable to fill out your jeans like you want, you can fake a larger bottom with these wardrobe tips.

How to Increase Your Bottom Size With Diet

Women store extra energy in their hips, bottom, and thighs, so if you'd like to have a larger bottom, this is great news for you. Certain foods are chock-full of energy that will go straight to your hips. Eating a carb-heavy diet is best, but make sure to drink lots of water and consume lots of fiber, so that your new rear-view doesn't resemble cottage cheese.

Rice and legumes are a good way to pad your figure. Try eating lots of brown rice with meals, as well as beans. Pinto beans, black beans, and chick-peas are all very tasty. You can add these to your salads, eat them as sides, or use them as a garnish. Hummus is very tasty and is made almost entirely of heart-healthy chickpeas.

Pasta will also help to fill you out. Consuming too much refined white flour products can be bad for your insulin levels and even cause diabetes, though, so while having a big dish of pasta periodically will flesh you out very quickly, you should also be eating lots of fiber, like beans, vegetables, and cereals like All-Bran. These foods convert to energy more slowly, which will keep your insulin levels steady.

This is good news not just to prevent diabetes, it will also help keep your skin clear. Big doses of foods that cause insulin spikes, like pasta and very sugary foods, will also cause your skin to break out, and that is probably not quite the look you are going for, so be careful.

Increasing Fat Intake

Switching to the full-fat versions of food you normally consume will also cause weight gain. Try using real butter instead of margarine, and use olive oil instead of Pam when you cook. Full-calorie versions of foods like cottage cheese and yogurt may also be better for you, as science shows that artificial sugars and chemicals can increase your chances of getting cancer.

An easy way to get a caloric boost while also packing in some fiber is to make a smoothie. Try bananas, peanut butter, ice-cream, and honey. You may even be able to sneak some broccoli into your smoothie without tasting it--broccoli is surprisingly easy to disguise within smoothies, so take advantage. You will want that fiber.

Drink Lots of Water

Again, make sure you are drinking lots of water to flush your system. Foods with high sugar content, caffeine, and alcohol all increase the appearance of cellulite, so avoid these as much as possible, and get in the habit of bringing a bottle or two of water with you everywhere you go.

If this is a new habit for you, you will urinate more often at first, but this will normalize within a week or two and you will not need to urinate very often any longer. You will also notice healthier skin, hair, and nails, and may even have more energy.

Tone Your Middle Section

Even if you don't mind having a loose bottom, having a thin middle section will make your bottom appear much larger and more pleasing to the eye. Doing crunches and crunches with a twist will help with this--and, if you hate crunches, just hula hoop! Hula hooping is fun and easy. You can even do it in front of the television, and your man will absolutely love it.

If you've never done a crunch before, here are the instructions. Lie down on the floor on carpet or a folded towel. This will protect your delicate spine and make you more comfortable. Put your feet flat on the floor. Your knees should point up to the ceiling.

Fold your hands across your chest, you don't want to pull on your neck--and using your stomach muscles, pull your upper torso up towards your knees. Don't feel bad if you can't go very high. You'll feel your stomach muscles working anyway. Remember to breathe! Most people do several sets, so try doing 12 or so crunches, and then take a break for a moment before doing your next set.

Side Crunches

Side crunches are the very best way to whittle your middle. Still lying on your back, place one of your ankles across the other knee. Put your hands behind your head. This time, when you lift your torso up using your stomach muscles, try to touch your elbow to your opposite ankle.

While doing this motion, concentrate on keeping your muscles tight, and remember to breathe regularly and evenly. You can also do this exercise holding a small ball or weight. Always ask your physician before beginning a new exercise regime, especially if you are out of the habit.

Weights and Toning Exercises to Increase Your Bottom Size

Many of the exercises which will increase your bottom size and also make it appear more perky are also hard on your knees, so make sure to consult your physician first. It is also helpful to do them in front of a mirror in order to check your form.


The squat is an amazing exercise for getting a big, strong bottom. You can do this with or without weights, and even do it on top of a folded towel or stability balls in order to work the widest range of muscles. To do a squat, slowly lower yourself down to a sitting position while tensing your bottom and thighs.

Always keep your knees behind your toes. Many trainers and physicians feel that you should not go lower than ninety degrees in order to protect your delicate knees. You can also perform a squat at the gym using a Smith machine--this will allow you to work up to squatting your body weight, or even to squat more than your body weight, and the machine will help you to keep the correct posture.


Another helpful exercise for increasing posterior size is the lunge--this is basically a one-legged squat, and again, you can do it with or without a weight. To do the lunge, stand up straight somewhere where you have lots of room to take big steps forward. Make sure there isn't anything on the ground you might slip on, like clothes or a slippery spill. Take a big step forward and drop down so that your thigh lines up with your knee, exactly horizontal to the floor.

Make your butt bigger

Again, take care to not let your knee ever go in front of your toes, because that puts undue stress to the knee. Squeeze your bottom and your thigh, and use these muscles to lift yourself up to the next step forward, and then drop down to your other leg. Your "back" knee should almost, but not quite touch the floor. If you take larger steps, you will be able to reach more of the muscles which you want to build.

Take about twelve steps, and then turn around and go back. Your heart might be racing, so take your time to walk between sets. Drink plenty of water. You can carry weights when you do lunges, and even twist your torso as you go, in order to work the sides of your bottom as well. This twisting will give you a really round, full look.

Dog Kicks

Remember Suzanne Sommers? She was the queen of this next exercise--the dog kick. This exercise is deceptively easy at first, but you'll feel why she advocated them so strongly after you do about twenty repetitions. To do the dog kick, spread out your mat or towel on the floor to protect your knees. Now get down on your hands and knees and raise one of your legs straight back.

The bottom of your foot should point straight up to the ceiling. Squeeze your bottom with every lift, and go up and down slowly to get the maximum workout. Your bottom can take a lot of punishment, so do thirty repetitions on each leg to complete a set. I always try to do three sets, but you can do as few or as many as you like. You can even balance a weight behind your knee to make this harder.

To work the side of your bottom, you can also switch up dog kicks with "fire hydrants"--for these, lift your knee straight out to the side. Do twelve to thirty repetitions of this action for each leg, and try to do a couple of sets as well.

Hip Raises

This exercise will be your man's favorite. Lie down on your back, again on top of that mat or towel, and put your palms flat on the ground. Put your feet flat on the ground, too. Now, raise your hips up to the ceiling using your bottom and thigh muscles.

Go up and down in this way for about thirty repetitions for every set. To make this really hard, try doing it one leg at a time; just make sure that your knees are never over the top of your toes in order to protect your knees.

If you do these exercises in conjunction with the recommended diet, you will start to fill out your jeans very quickly. To show off your results, you can wear a wardrobe which really highlights all your hard work.

Clothes That Show Off a Big Bottom

Lots of women already know how much attention they can get with a short, body skimming dress--but an hour glass figure looks incredible in a long, tight dress, too. Try wearing your hair up so that the curves of your body are especially clear.

You'll want to wear tight jeans and pants, too, but always make sure to buy material which will let your body breathe and your blood circulate, so you can stay healthy. When buying tight fighting garments, always make sure you can sit in them comfortably first, especially if you want to wear them to work or to dinner. You don't want them to break or cause you discomfort.

Belts and high heels are a really great way to show off a full figure. When you wear high heels, your posture changes, your spine curves more, throwing your bottom back and your chest out, too. You also walk differently, usually with a little more swing. Marilyn Monroe even used to saw down the heel of one show so that she had a special wiggle to her walk, and you could try this, too.

Tips for Showing Off

Practice your walk in front of a mirror at home. It's great fun to have a stylish, iconic walk--super models use the trick of putting one foot directly in front of the other for a very exaggerated swing, and you might try that if you're feeling sassy.

Wearing a belt at your waist line is a really great and easy way to highlight a beautiful, round bottom. By nipping in your middle, you'll look very feminine and also increase the appearance of your bosom, hips, and bottom. A long, tight dress belted in the middle, worn with high-heeled boots? You'll get the attention you've earned in no time. Enjoy your results!

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