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Herein is the VGOC's Mafia page. It states what the rules being used are, for clarity for all. As well, to facilitate new rules or roles, the discussion page can be used to propose things.


Standard Games

A standard game is played with two teams. The Mafia (bad guys) and the Villagers (good guys) with the Mafia consisting solely of Mafia players and the Villagers being comprised of Villagers, Cops, and the Angel. The Moderater has no team affiliation. A third team is may also be added, consisting solely of the Jester.

  • Host/Moderator: This player, as there can be only one, acts as the storyteller in the Mafia game. It is their charge to call upon the other players in their respective roles during the "Night Time" and to remember and relate the events that have transpired throughout the game. (This is the only voluntary position in Mafia)
  • Villager(s): Villagers comprise the vast majority of players in a standard Mafia game, they are on the same side as the Angel and Cops, and it is their goal to identify and eliminate the Mafia.
  • Mafia(s): The Mafia players comprise the antagonistic force in Mafia, which is to say, all other standard roles act to stop them. It is their goal to, as a team, eliminate all the other players. They are first to become active at night and must select an opposing figure to slay during the "Night Time". The Mafia win when they eliminate all other players.
  • Cop(s): The Cop, or, in larger games, Cops strives alongside the other players to reveal and kill the Mafia. As the second group to awaken at night, they have the ability to investigate a player of their choice, determining whether or not they are Mafia. This information can then be used in the "Day Time" to help the villagers.
  • Angel/Doctor: The Angel has the ablity to save a player of their choice. During the "Night Time" it is their job to identifiy who they believe is at the greatest risk of being targeted by the Mafia and act, by indicating to the Moderator, to save them. A game may never have more than one Angel.

Game Play

Character Set-up

  • In a standard game of "Mafia" (8 players), there will be two (2) Mafia, one (1) Cop, and one (1)Angel. The rest of the players will be Villagers.
  • With 8 or more players, a Jester may be added to the game to prevent randomness.
  • When there are at least 9 participants, an extra Mafia and Cop may be added to the game to increase the number of special roles.

Determining the Characters

  • After the number of each players for each role is determinded (Mafia should never outnumber villagers), the moderator will pick out cards from a standard 52-card deck following the representation below:
    • For each Mafia a King is picked out.
    • For each Cop a Jack is picked out.
    • For the Angel an Ace is picked out.
    • For the Jester a Joker is picked out.(Optional)
    • For each Villager, a random-as-long-as-it's-different-from-others card is picked out.
  • After the proper cards are picked out by the host, he or she will then go around and allow each person to randomly select a card. The player then looks at their card and assumes the role of that character. It is crucial that all players keep their cards secret, no

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