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Marlboro Coupons

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Saving on Marlboro's

Smokers and nonsmokers alike can now take advantage of purchasing Marlboro brand products at a discount. The official Marlboro website offers a variety of coupons on their tobacco products, as well as additional freebies, trips to the Marlboro Ranch, free music downloads, free CDs, and a number of other items associated with the Marlboro name.

They're also issuing coupons on Marlboro Snus, their smokeless tobacco, which is another way to capitalize on significant savings. Their annual sweepstakes consists of cash prizes and other giveaways as well.

By logging onto Marlboro.com and registering free of charge, members are eligible to receive coupons in the mail and also have a chance to become a part of the Marlboro family. These coupons and vouchers can also be found in select Sunday editions of metropolitan newspapers, yet visiting the website directly can save time, and of course, money.

Phillip Morris USA

Marlboro is a subsidiary of Phillip Morris USA, yet the brand got its start over a century ago in England. This particular brand of cigarettes adopted its name from Marlborough St., located in London.

First introduced as a slim cigarette for women, the slogan “Mild as May” became a useful tool in marketing the product, which was when Marlboro made its way across the waters as a marketable brand in the United States. By this time, the cigarette featured a red tip ring at the end, designed to camouflage lipstick stains.


The ensuing years fostered changes in the design, when Marlboro inserted ivory tips in place of the red bands. Advertisements appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Town & Country, and The American Home, depicting various images of women reaching for the ivory-tipped cigarette. The Phillip Morris Company decided to add another slogan to their ads: “IVORY TIPS Protect the Lips.”

From the early 1920s to the late 1940s, the makers of Marlboro enjoyed great monetary success, being named one of the most popular brands in the country. Shortly after World War II, however, the Marlboro brand temporarily exited the marketplace.

Health Risks

Major health concerns elicited by the scientific community revealed certain health risks related to smoking, which was when the Marlboro brand took a brief hiatus. In 1954 the cigarette reentered the market with a brand new look and marketing strategy.

The new blueprint featured a filter designed to trap a percentage of tar and nicotine from entering the lungs, and the Marlboro Man was also introduced as a staple of mid-twentieth century advertising. Even though the target audience switched from feminine to masculine, the campaign became extremely successful.

Not only did the Marlboro brand saturate magazines and newspapers with its revised appearance, television commercials depicted the Marlboro Man epitomizing the quintessential cowboy. The new slogan, “Come to where the flavor is; come to Marlboro country,” proved to be a winner for years to come.

Money Saving Tips

Since the ladder part of the twentieth century, attitudes toward the use of tobacco have changed, yet Marlboro has stepped up to the plate and provided incentives to its consumers.

Modern day laws have managed to push print and television advertising for tobacco products out of the mainstream, not to mention imposing heavy taxes on the sales thereof. Because of these circumstances, Marlboro has found ways to pass along the savings to its existing and prospective customers via their website.

Marlboro distributes vouchers to their members a few times per year, yet their website offers much more than coupons. Having the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to the Marlboro Ranch is an annual event. Registered members can win a trip by entering the sweepstakes, or by being randomly selected and notified by mail.

Crazy Mountains Park

The ranch is located in the Crazy Mountains of Clyde Park, Montana, where they operate an actual working ranch with 500 head of cattle, and the guest ranch as well. There are plenty of activities taking place throughout the day, plenty of food to eat, and nighttime entertainment. Check the Saloon section on their website for more details.

Members can also test their skills in the Adventure segment by playing darts, blackjack, or shooting pool, but also a chance to earn a reward in the roping simulator.

The best way to find out about all that Marlboro has to offer is by registering at Marlboro.com; all customers will be notified by email about coupons and special offers, as well as getting a heads-up on the yearly activities and sweepstakes. Sign up today and start saving!

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