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McAlister's Deli Coupons

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McAlister's History

McAlister's Deli first began as the idea of a dentist in Oxford, Mississippi. The founder wanted to create a restaurant that provided fast service and quality food with a southern flavor. The deli started as a family business in a converted gas station. From these humble beginnings,

McAlister's has grown into a popular restaurant that has been awarded for its quality food and quick service. In 2009, the deli was among the top ten best fast-casual restaurants in Parents Magazine.

McAlister's Menu

McAlister's Deli is most popular for its sweet tea and its giant spuds topped with everything from bacon and cheese to onions, sour cream, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and vegetables. They also offer other healthy selections that include sandwiches, salads, soups, appetizers, and desserts. The McAlister's Club sandwich is one of their most popular sandwich selections, including bacon, ham, turkey, cheddar, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and honey mustard on sliced wheat bread.

They are also well-known for their iced tea, available in sweet or unsweet. Visitors to McAlister's can't leave without having a glass of this freshly brewed tea. Stores are located throughout the country, primarily in the south and midwest. More information on their locations and menu, including catering menu information, are available on their website at www.mcalistersdeli.com.

Save Money at McAlister's

If you are looking for ways to save money on your dining experience at McAlister's, there are several ways to get coupons for free tea or a discount on entree orders. On their website, there is an option to sign up for the deli gram e-club, where coupons and information about new products is sent directly to your inbox.

McAlisters Deli.

Whenever the deli rolls out new menu items, they will often send out information about the product as well as a coupon. Also, e-club members receive a coupon on their birthday. This is a great way for people who love McAlister's to save money when they go out. It is also a good way to learn about new products and any upcoming specials or events.

Although there are no coupons available directly on the deli's website, the website befrugal.com does have a version of a printable coupon for a free cookie at McAlister's Deli. These coupons are great because they allow guests to receive a free giant cookie when they visit McAlister's, and these cookies are big enough to feed two! There are limited options for people looking for online printable coupons for McAlister's, but the company does provide several offline options to help guests save money.

Offline Coupons

McAlister's Deli offers several ways to receive coupons offline, including advertisements in newspapers and local magazines. These range from anything from a free tea or cookie to a discount on a meal. These may center around a specific event or they may be promoting a new product at the store. Each year, McAlister's Deli also hosts a Free Tea Day, where visitors can come in and receive a free glass of tea with no purchase necessary.

This event is usually held during the summer, when tea is a great refreshing drink from the hot sun. Also, in college towns that create student coupon books, McAlister's will often contribute a free tea coupon for students in the area. This allows people from different demographic fields to enjoy the McAlister's experience.

Punch Card

Another way to receive a discount on food at McAlister's is to sign up for a punch card for meals or tea. These usually require that guests purchase 9 meals or teas and receive the tenth for free. This is a great idea for people who are frequent visitors to McAlister's, and it is a helpful way to save money on dining out. McAlister's Deli has similar programs for military personnel, where guests who show a military ID can receive a special punch card for meals and save money in this way.

More Ways to Save

Aside from these coupons, guests may be able to save money in other ways at McAlister's. In any event that McAlister's Deli sponsors, they are probably going to bring coupons to distribute. Sometimes they will leave coupons for kids' meals at child day care centers or nurseries, so parents can bring their kids with them and save money on their meal.

There are always several ways to save money on dining out if you look for them, and by signing up for meal or tea cards and joining the deli gram e-club will help guests to save money on their overall experience at this great southern restaurant.

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