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Welcome to Media Technology!

Student WIKIs

The following links are student WIKIs created in Media Tech.

Super Yoda WIKIs

The following WIKIs are created by students in Computer Skills

Tips for Using HTML

Dont forget to make closing tags!!

Tips for Using Dreamweaver

Tips for Using .NET for Web Development

This program is great - it makes it really easy to find problems that I have trouble figuring out, especially when it is something as small as a typographical error (which are really hard to track down!).

Visual Studio .net is helpful because you can begin certain commands and it will show possible complications.

Tips for Using CSS


Tips for Using XML


Tips on Podcasting


Tips for Using Audacity

Tips for Using Photoshop


Interesting Game Techniques

If using art from a downloaded file, edit the art enough so that it isn't obvious that you are simply using a downloaded picture.

Tips for Using Sketchup


Tips for Animating in Flash

the button f6 will make a new keyframe for rapid animation!

Tips for Scripting in Flash


Tips for Using Maya


Tips for Using PowerPoint


Tips for Coding in JavaScript


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