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Master Text of Modern Medical Knowledge

This is an attempt to integrate in a unique way all the knowledge that the collective community of "Modern Medicine" uses to address human suffering.

This wiki was started by Michael R. O'Brien, a student at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine Class of 2010, as a unique way to study for the USMLE Step I exam by integrating knowledge across various disciplines in a unique way. I encourage others to contibute, but I have a few rules that I ask people to adhere to when contributing.

1. All information must be cited from reliable sources. This includes: established medical texts, review articles or original research from peer-reviewed journals, or original data generated by the author. You may not cite Review books (such as "FIRST AID For USMLE") or non-peer reviewed Websites (such as "Wikipedia") as validate sources of information.

2. The idea of each article is to integrate the diverse knowledge taught in modern medical schools (in preparation for the USMLE) in unique ways. Thus reviews should be broad and integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines and across organ systems. The basic sciences in US medical schools are traditional taught as individual disciplines (pharmacology, anatomy, pathology, etc.) or in organ system blocks (GI, CArdio/respiratory, ect.). Please be creative and integrative in your approach. As a rough guide, the level of detail expected of each article, should match the level of detail tested on the USMLE Step I exam.

3. Hyperlink whenever possible to reliable outside sources and other articles within this Wiki. Include in your writing, creative specific examples of topics and disease states commonly covered on the USMLE Step I to illustrate larger ideas.

The idea for this text grew out of a discussion a friend of mine and I had in which we asked, "What is the Major Unifying Idea of Modern Medicine?" This Wiki is an attempt to answer that question in an open source and collaborative way.

Therefore, I have based the outline of this text on what I perceive to be the 5 core methods of understanding utilized by the modern medicine:

[[ Mind|1. Understanding of Mind]]

(Addressing the questions of human experience. Thought. Pain. Language. Suffering. Pleasure. Community. Meaning. Knowledge.)

2. Understanding of Life

(Addressing the questions of the organization of self-replicating organisms, specifically the existence of our species in the context of the rest of the living ecosystem of Earth. Ecosystem. Evolution. Natural Selection. Biology as a science of Information.)

3. Understanding of Matter

(Addressing the questions of how matter functions at the molecular level, specifically addressing the molecular basis of human life and the human bodies interaction with small molecules. Pharmacology. Molecular Biology.)

4. Understanding of Energy

(Addressing the questions of how forces that act on matter affect the human body. Newtonian Physics. Electrophysiology. Medical Imaging technology.)

5. Understanding of Numbers

(Coming full circle and addressing the questions of how we know what we know. Data collection and management. Biostatics.) Link title

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