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Melting Pot Coupons

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About the Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is a fondue style restaurant. Fondue is a cooking style where the food is dipped or cooked in another liquid such as melted cheese, chocolate, or oil. This restaurant is a great location for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Private, secluded booths with built in burners allows fondue pots to be used directly at the table and kept hot. The Melting Pot also includes a wine menu that complements the food.

The Melting Pot was started in 1975 in Maitland, Florida. Current headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida. Franchise opportunities are available throughout the U.S.


With over 142 locations in the U.S., there is most likely a Melting Pot restaurant near you.

There are over 20 locations in Florida alone. Other locations can be found in popular metropolitan cities such as San Diego, California and Austin, Texas as well as smaller cities such as Nashville, Tennessee and Albany, New York. In the last few years, locations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Mexico City, Mexico have opened up also, expanding this fondue franchise into all of North America.

Type of Cuisine

Currently, a dinner menu only is offered at the Melting Pot restaurants. A typical meal consists of 4 courses: appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert. Meals can last a few hours, so reservations are definitely recommended.

Melting Pot


The appetizer course consists of a cheese foundue which is prepared directly at the table by the server. The server adds flavorings such as garlic, worchestershire sauce, and mustard. The amount of seasoning can be customized to personal taste. A variety of cheeses can be chosen, from fontina cheese to emmenthaler and gruyere swiss cheese, to the classic cheddar cheese. An assortment of breads, vegetables and fruits can provided to dip into the melted cheese.


The salad course is served while the entrée fondue is being prepared. Salad choices include a house salad, california salad, spinach mushroom salad, as well as the classic caesar salad. Homemade dressings complement each salad.


The main entrée fondue allows a choice of cooking style, either in oil or bouillion. Choices of chicken, beef, shrimp and fish are available, along with an assortment of vegetables such as broccoli and potatoes. Some entrée fondues may include special items such as ravioli or sausage. All items arrive uncooked and must be cooked in the oil or bouillion. A vegetarian entrée is also available.

A variety of dipping sauces are provided with each meal, along with two tempura batters if you choose the oil cooking style. Dipping sauces range from a mild curry sauce to a robust gorgonzola port sauce to a sweet ginger plum sauce. A unique Green Goddess sauce, comprised of herbs and cream cheese, is perfect for adding to the mushrooms. The mushroom is filled with the green goddess sauce and then dipped in tempura batter before cooking in oil. After cooking, the cheese will ooze out of the mushroom when the batter covering is cut into.


The dessert fondue is comprised of melted chocolate and arrives at the table ready for dipping. A choice of white, milk or dark chocolate is available. Or make your own combination with your favorite liquor and the server will flambé the fondue at the table. An assortment of fruit, brownies, cheesecake, and marshmellows is included. Enjoy fresh strawberries or bananas dipped in chocolate or try a rice krispies treats drizzled in chocolate.

Seasonal Menu

The Melting Pot offers the Big Night Out Four-Course Dinner, which showcases seasonal ingredients and changes every 6 months.

For that special Birthday, a birthday package is available. Your table is decorated with balloons and you receive a box of chocolate, along with a framed photo. The digital photo is taken sometime during the meal and offers a nice memory of the birthday celebration.

Club Fondue

For discounts and coupons, sign up for Club Fondue at the official website of the Melting Pot. Emails regarding special promotional events and discounts will be sent periodically to members.

For more information about the Melting Pot, please visit their website

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