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Melvin van Peebles

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Name: Melvin van Peebles

Aliases: Corruption, The Corruptor, Poison, The Ultimate Truth, Anti-Man, The Be-All -End-All, The Beal en D�al, Consequence

Age: 407 (subjectively)

Height: 6� 4�

Weight: inapplicable

Hair: anti-color violet

Eyes: anti-color red

Complexion: Smooth, Swarthy


The entity that calls itself Melvin van Peebles first manifested itself on Kelly's world of origin. After Kelly�s climactic battle with his brother and the destruction of his original body, he made several attempts to re-incorporate himself. The first was a failure - completely inviable. The second appeared to be a success, but was found to be fundamentally unstable. Kelly succeeded on the third attempt, leaving the previous two to fester in the hope that they would be mistaken for his own remains, and throw the government off his trail (which the first attempt was, and did.) The second attempt, the unstable one, wasn�t quite dead. Unused to the cosmic level of power he possessed in his energy form, Kelly had made an error which allowed something from outside his reality to seep in and inhabit the body. Just after Kelly�s departure from the scene, it reanimated. Possessing all of Kelly�s memories, a faint echo of his powers, and all of his skills. In addition to the knowledge that it was most definitely NOT Kelly, this new creature was twisted. It�s sense of reality was flawed beyond the comprehension of a sane man. What was worse, as time passed, its alien nature began to manifest as a reality-warping aura around it, which combined with its latent super-psionic abilities to grant it conscious control over reality itself. Still, it could feel Kelly, knew he was alive, and did not think it had yet mastered its abilities to a degree that it could defeat him in combat. For years it roamed, commiting a variety of bizzare crimes, some truly horrific in their scope and exocution. A wave of serial killings swept the country. Thousands died by his hand. Eventually growing bored, the entity, which had chosen the name Melvin van Peebles, skipped out on that reality, moving on to a nearby one whicih was virtually identical. Without having to worry about attracting attention from the native version of Kelly, who had failed to manifest an energy form and died with his brother, Melvin went on a rampage. The true scope of its powers became evident as the laws of physics broke down around it, the terrain taking on the semblance of its own twisted mindscape, spawning nightmare creatures straight out of the works of HP Lovecraft. Oceans boiled, the dead rose, and trees took on an ambulatory malevolence. Within two months it had destroyed the United States. It went further, turning the world into a living hell, cloaked in a red mist.It felt that it�s way was the right way. The way things were supposed to be. It was just making them right - stripping away the illusions. It moved on to another reality. And another, avoiding realities where Kelly existed. Eventually, it stopped limiting itself to just Earth. It would pick and choose planets. It destroyed whole civilizations. Then, one day, it just..... vanished. Nobody, none of the great powers of the multiverse, know where too. But they all live with the fear that it might come back.


  • Crazy, fruit loops, utterlly crackers, Mad, Sociopathic, Off the Hook With No Dial-Tone -

Melvin van Peebles is a Psychopath. Whatever is inside it has a sense of reality not unlike that displayed by the Joker. It loves hurting people - psychologically, physically, preferably both. Even better than that is when it can get people to hurt their friends. That fills it with an undefinable manic joy.

  • Warped:

Melvin finds the strangest things funny.

  • Obsession:

Melvin is obsessed with its creator, Kelly MacAryn. It wants to remake him in its own image as payment for granting it life - whether he wants that payment or not. Not to mention what it wants to do to the rest of the world...


Corruption: Melvin�s very prescence has a corrupting effect on his immediate environment. Things around him grow dark and twisted. Inanimate objects take on a malicious life. Animals begin to rot alive, or mutate in some other fashion. Sapient creatures take on a sinister appearance, and are driven mad with a manic bloodlust, not unlike the state Melvin exists in itself. If it wishes, Melvin can direct this effect, or enlarge its radius. It manifests visibly as a red-tinged semi-opaque fog. This doesn�t effect Kelly or other versions of himself. Other psychics may be immune as well.

Reality Warp: Fairly self explanatory. Melvin can warp reality to suit its wishes. It usually applies this effect indirectly when in combat, warping the environment rather than its opponents. Opponents who have some control of their physical structure can counter the effect should it attempt to direct its power against them personally.

Fear: Melvin knows your fears. And he can make them real. Suck it.

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