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Men's Magazines Chronicle

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1950 - 1959


- First issue of Playboy is published.

- Alfred Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Female is published. (Dian Hanson's History of Mens Mags, Vol. 5, pg 11). 1959

- Milton Luros begins his porn publishing career with Beacon Publications that later becomes the Parliament News juggernaut of the West Coast.

1960 - 1969


- Birth Control Pill was introduced. (Dian Hanson's History of Mens Mags, Vol. 5, pg 11).


- The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan is published. (Dian Hanson's History of Mens Mags, Vol. 5, pg 11).


- December (cvr date): The first issue of Jaguar magazine is published.


- The first issue of Penthouse magazine is published (in the UK).

- Berth Milton Sr. begins publishing Private in Sweden. (Quarried Porn Database)


- Berth Milton Sr. tells the Swedish Parliament that he is going to start publishing pictures of sexual intercourse in his magazine. This leads to the end of Sweden's obscenity laws. (Dian Hanson's History of Mens Mags, Vol. 5, pg 7). [Issue #8 (196?) of Private is the first issue where hard core (penetration) occurs. Simulated penetration occurs in earlier issues.]

- Redrup v State of New York, Supreme Court decision which reverses a conviction for selling pornographic paperbacks.


- November: Al Goldstein launches Screw magazine, with $150 funding.

- President Johnson appoints the Commission On Obscenity and Pornography. (Dian Hanson's History of Mens Mags, Vol. 5, pg 7).


- The first issue of Penthouse magazine is published in the US.

- Pornography becomes legal in Denmark.

- The brothers Peter and Jens Theander start porn production in Denmark, becoming Color Climax Corporation.

Golden Age of Adult Cinema - 1972 - 1984

1970 - 1979


- Sept. 30: President Nixon recieves the Presidential Commission on Pornography Report. The 1970 Commission had two million dollars and two years. It funded over eighty independent studies of porn. (Dian Hanson's History of Mens Mags, Vol. 5, pg 7).

- Oct. 10: The US Senated votes to reject the Commission On Obscenity and Pornography reports conclusions and recomendations. (Dian Hanson's History of Mens Mags, Vol. 5, pg 7).


- Last Tango in Paris.

- June: Deep Throat opens in NY. (Babylon Blue pg. 32)


- June 21: The US Supreme court reiterated that obscenity was not protected by the First Amendment and established the Miller test for determining what constituted obscene material. (Miller v. California)

- Late?: Reuben Sturman begins taking over the Parliament News companies from Milton Luros.


- July: The First issue of Larry Flynt's Hustler.


- June (cvr date): Flick v.1 #1, The Magazine of Erotic Movies, is published. The first Myron Fass adult movie magazine publication.

- November: The video cassette recorder (VCR) is introduced to the American market with the marketing of the Sony's Betamax. (Wikipedia)


- Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) formed.

- September: RCA? introduces its VHS video cassette recorder which eventually replaced the Betamax. Some say because the greater availability of pornographic movies on the VHS format. (Wikipedia)


- Sexually explicit films were first put on video tape around 1977, a year before general release features appeared on the home video market. (Stricharchuk, Selling Skin: "Porn King" Raiker Sherman Expands His Empire With the Help of a Businessman's Skills, Wall St. J., May 8, 1985, p. 24, Col. 1.)


- March 6: Larry Flynt and his lawyer Gene Reeves Jr were shot outside the county courthouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia by convicted serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin.


- April 5: New York Times article about the big market in sex films for home video.

- October 21: Bob Guccione, publisher of Penthouse magazine, releases his epic porn movie Caligula.

1980 - 1989

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