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Menards Coupons

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Menards Supply Store

Ask a contractor in the Midwest where to go for home improvement supplies and the answer you'll most likely receive will be "Menards!" Founded in 1962 by John Menard Jr, Menards has quickly become one of the nation's top hardware and home improvement supply stores.

As the company is privately owned and operated, gauging its operating worth is relatively difficult; industry insiders estimate, however, that Menards is likely the third largest company of its type in the United States, losing only to Lowe's and Home Depot on the national scale.

Menards has benefited from strong management and enormous local brand name recognition to build its client base. Currently, the company runs 262 retail locations along with several manufacturing plants and the corporate headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

History of Menards

Originally conceived as a post-building construction company by John Menard Jr, Menards' popularity quickly took off. Less than a decade after the original founding, Menards began to develop into a full-service home improvement center with the addition of manufacturing and distribution centers in 1969.

These additions enabled the hardware chain to rapidly expand throughout the Midwest, eventually establishing stores in thirteen states. In addition to offering a wide range of house brands, Menards has become very active in the sport of NASCAR. Paul Menard, son of founder John Jr, drives for Richard Childress Racing; the organization has also funded various Indianapolis 500 cars under the "Team Menard" banner.

This mainstream appeal together with the company's extremely recognizable and well-known commercial jingles have led to huge popularity in the states where these stores can be found.


Flagship Store

The Menards location in St. Paul, MN, is currently considered to be the Menards brand flagship store. This titanic edifice of all things home improvement includes such impressive features as a multi-level sales floor (including escalators specially designed to accommodate large shopping cards!) and live piano music throughout the shopping day. This design is part of a trend specifically designed to compete with Lowe's and Home Depot's smaller-scale urban outlets.

As urban locales run increasingly tight on real estate, Menards has aimed to counter this issue by building upwards instead of following their competition who generally construct single-level buildings with enormous footprints. Time will tell whether Menards' bold strategies of hardware supply will pay off, but considering the company's success in competing with far larger, extensively marketed chains, the future looks bright indeed.

Given that the hardware business is relatively non-seasonal (compared to, for example, the wrapping paper market or the festive decorations trade,) Menards still manages to delight customers with a holiday tradition of their own.

Saving at Menards

Around the holidays the company's well-known jingle "Save big money at Menards!" transforms into their holiday slogan "Warm season's greetings to you all from Menards!" Taking the company's racing heritage into account, fans of NASCAR cheering for Kevin Havrick or Paul Menard on race day are supporting Team Menard in its current incarnation.

Menards rose to prominence in the home improvement industry by offering low prices and an excellent line of useful merchandise, but that does not stop customers from finding more and better discounts when they become available. Offline, the main source of Menards coupons is the Menards weekly circular.

Menards provides a comprehensive set of discounts to customers in their area by means of a printed coupon flier. These coupons offer a range of discounted prices on many of the store's most popular items. As an added bonus, these circulars are generally seasonal. Shoppers who are looking for garden or outdoor supplies will find the best deals during the early spring and summer, with the reverse being true for winter.

Menards' printed coupon fliers allow you to set a sensible schedule for home improvement projects while taking advantage of the deepest possible discounts. Customers who are living in a town that hosts a Menards location will be able to pick up a copy of the flier at the Menards store if they do not already receive one via their local newspaper.

Online Savings

For online savings, Menards fans should first check out the company's online rebate center. Each Menards receipt containing a qualifying rebate item also contains a rebate code at the bottom; entering that code on the above website grants access to printable online Menards coupons.

For across the board savings, visit the Menards section of RetailMeNot. This famous coupon-aggregator compiles lists of currently available Menards online promotions, making it easy for shoppers to find out whether any helpful deals are up for grabs.

For better rebates, consider a Menards "BIG" card. This in-store credit card offers 2% rebates on all Menards purchases along with a range of other benefits. Apply in-store or online via the company's website. Lastly, use the internet as your own personal wide-ranging price comparison tool.

Price Match Guarantee

Menards' sales policy features a price-match guarantee for items sold in your local area, so make to shop around and bring lower-priced advertisements to the store for some more money off. Menards offers a standard gift certificate program which has been featured in the past on sites such as Groupon.com. Snap up cheap Menards gift certificates whenever possible, as they'll take the edge of your next major home improvement project.

From its humble origins as a post-building construction company to its modern position of prominence as a leading Midwestern home improvement one-stop shop, Menards has always been out to offer the best possible deals to customers. Using tools such as online coupon indexes, the company's sales flyer, and rebate programs for select merchandise, it's possible to get those low prices even lower. Remember the company's jingle, and "save big money at Menards!"

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