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Men's Warehouse Coupons

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History of the Men's Warehouse

Men’s Warehouse is a retail chain specializing in men’s clothing. The store is geared toward the man that may find shopping for clothes a chore and a daunting task. The chain makes the shopping experience fun and easy with a well-trained staff of salespeople that know how to best serve the male customer.

The chain was founded in 1973 in Houston, Texas by George Zimmer. Known by its slogan, "You're going to like the way you look; I guarantee it," Men’s Warehouse is based in the Houston, Texas. It is a publicly traded company and its stock is listed as MW on the New York Stock Exchange.

George Zimmer got his start in the clothing business after visiting Hong Kong while working for his father. His father owned a coat manufacturing business. Zimmer founded the chain as way to provide quality clothing to the common everyday guy who wanted access to a store that was stuffy or too fancy.

The Men’s Warehouse stores offer a comfortable setting that help to make the experience of buying clothes as simple and as fun as possible. Now serving as the company’s CEO, Zimmer appears in the company ads. By appearing in the ads himself, he feels his common everyday appeal is better suited for his customer base than using actors.

Where to Find Men's Warehouse Stores

Men’s Warehouse stores are typically located in outdoor shopping center locations. Zimmer has avoided using mall locations because it which help to maintain costs. He has also avoided large flagship stores that many other chains would typically place in high-cost areas of town.

Men's Wearhouse coupons

By focusing on where the stores are located, it allows the chain to keep most of their suits in the $250 to $350 price range. Since most of the stores are located in shopping centers, the stores appeal to men who typically would not venture into shopping malls very often or by themselves.

Men’s Warehouse has grown from one store in 1973 to over 1250 stores in the United States and Canada. The stores operate under the Men’s Warehouse name, Moore’s Clothing for Men (in Canada), Men’s Warehouse and Tux, and K&G brands. The stores offer suits, sport coats, sportswear, slacks, shoes, dress shirts, outerwear, formal wear, and accessories. The stores also offer tuxedo rentals.

Additional Products

In addition to the traditional business-wear and casual wear, the company offers clothing to fit different occasions such as formal, party, business-casual, casual evening, funeral, and job interview. By specifying the occasion, the stores can help men who are not sure of what to wear for these events. Men's Warehouse also sells some of the leading brands of menswear such as Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Sean John, Joseph Abboud, Pronto Uomo, and others.

In addition to their formal wear stores and tuxedo rentals, Men’s Warehouse has plans to venture into the bridal shop business. They will start slowly with a few stores that will be adjacent to existing Men’s Warehouse stores in northern California. Zimmer is diversifying the company’s business since their formal wear business has been very successful.

Finding Coupons

Men’s Warehouse does not offer any coupons directly from their stores or websites. However, coupon codes for discounts at Men's Warehouse may be found at a variety of coupon sites such as techbargain.com, mahalo.com, and others. These coupon or promo codes can be used online on the Men’s Warehouse website.

The codes can be entered on the shopping cart page when making a purchase to receive discounts. Men's Warehouse does have PerfectFit, an awards program that offers discounts based on the amount purchased. PerfectFit will give customers a certificate for $50 off for every $500 spent. It also entitles the customer to $30 off of tuxedo rentals.

Seasonal Specials

Men’s Warehouse has several Seasonal Specials that are offered. They include Graduation Style, Guide to Black Tie, Modern Fit and NFL Store. Each of these seasonal departments has special discounts such as buy one, get one free. The NFL Store is a popular area that has team gear and accessories that are discounted. In the Modern Fit area, there are suits, sport coats, shirts and other clothing items that can be purchased as buy one, get one free.

Signing Up Online

In addition to the coupon codes that are available, customers can sign up on the Men’s Warehouse website to be added to the store’s e-mail list. This will allow them to receive notifications of special savings that are exclusive to those on the e-mail list.

They will also receive other alerts for new products, style tips, and other related items. Since Men’s Warehouse offers many discounts and specials on their website and in their stores, finding coupons for discounts or for special items on the Internet may be an added bonus.

The goal of Men’s Warehouse is to be a leading purveyor of quality men’s clothing at reasonable prices offered in an atmosphere that will put most male shoppers at ease. Men’s Warehouse stores are focused on catering to the guy who finds the whole process of buying clothes tedious and challenging.

With their competent and friendly staff, Men’s Warehouse stores will make the shopping experience a pleasant and enjoyable occasion for male shoppers.

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