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  • Name: Mephne Darkspear
  • Nicknames: Exile (codename)
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 29
  • Race: Troll
  • Height: 7' 2"
  • Weight: 244 lbs
  • Hair color: Red
  • Eye color: Red
  • Skin color: Pale blue
  • Home World: Azeroth
  • Player: Ali


Mephne Darkspear is the leader of the Elites. She is in general laid back and easygoing, readily joking with her comrades and keeping morale up. She is ingeniously cunning and brilliantly intelligent when she has to be, but never gets too serious. With a steadfast heart and a knack for getting people to do what she wants, she leads without question, despite having been forced into the position against her will.


As a Darkspear troll from Azeroth, Mephne is towering and limber, with three digits on either hand and only two toes on either foot. Her hair is bright crimson red, which she usually keeps in a tribal mohawk or high ponytail. Like all trolls, she possesses a sharp pair of tusks. Her skin is pale silvery blue.

When a part of the Elites, she is usually in her uniform, but with the way back to Azeroth now open, she has been wearing more traditional tribal clothing when she can get away with it.

Combat Style

As Mephne was a shaman in Azeroth, she now fights primarily with a mix of elemental magic and hand to hand. She can call on the elements to do her bidding, though the more powerful the manipulation, the longer she must spend preparing. She is also a fairly skilled healer and medic, though not to the degree of Angeline. She is fearsome as a foe and as an ally, able to call on vast and varied kinds of power to get the job done.

Like all Elites, she is also trained in firearms, first aid, and espionage.


Born and raised in Sen'jin Village of Durotar in Azeroth, Mephne showed signs of being able to communicate with spirits at a very early age. She was initiated to the path of the shaman, and her teacher prophesied that she was destined for greatness that Azeroth would never know. When she was 8, the Dark Portal was opened the second time, and with its opening, the troll child disappeared.

She arrived on Valgris, lost, alone, and out of place. She found herself unable to communicate with the elemental spirits who had been her friends and guardians in Azeroth. Spiritually scarred from her passage across time, space, and planes of reality, she quickly learned to use new spirits. The new, powerful magic that she developed caught the attention of Justin Eavers, and he approached her with hints of an alliance. Desperate to survive in a world alien to her, she accepted, and Eavers took her under his wing.

Years passed, and she grew into one of the most powerful and dangerous soldiers of the Guard. Eventually, Eavers selected her as the first of his personal bodyguards - the beginning of the Elites. When the thirteenth and final Elite - Angeline - joined their ranks, the stage was set for the prophecy to come true. Eavers was killed, and control of his massive organization landed squarely in Mephne's lap. Loyalty to Eavers had become loyalty to her comrades and the people she led. She rose to the occasion and began to turn the Collectors around, with the help of the other Elites.

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