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Micah Sicotte

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Micah Sicotte circa 2002, taken in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


(WARNING: Work is ongoing)
Location: Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
Nationality: British & Canadian (Dual)
Sex: Male
Age: Mid-Thirties
Marital Status: Single/Divorced (2 children)
Education: Dip.mus (Voice & Composition), B.mus (Voice & Composition), Cert.Ed/PGCE (FE College)
Current Occupation: Teacher/Composer (UK)


Mr. Micah Sicotte, B.mus, Dip.mus, Cert.ed/PGCE
Email: micahsicotte@yahoo.ca [1]
Call: +44 07503 586348

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Micah-Sicotte/179221348821404


Teaching since 1996, with experience in a variety of levels including private tuition, FE college, community college and commercial institutions. My students have ranged from as young as five to retirement age. Several former students have gone into the music industry following the completion of their lessons.

I am currently available for students of all ages and experience. The following is a brief list of the topics I am able to teach:

  • Singing/voice
  • Piano/keyboard
  • Songwriting/composition
  • Music technology applications
  • Multimedia applications
  • Music theory (jazz & classical)
  • Beginning electric bass
  • Music theatre
  • Music business consultation

I am able to offer individually tailored programmes suited to the student. For more information and an informal discussion please contact me on the details given.


Since first beginning with private lessons in the mid nineteen-nineties, over the past few decades, I have taught at a variety of institution's including degree, private tuition, commercial, and community college. As a teacher, I hold a Cert.ed qualification, and am an experienced practitioner with specialist knowledge of learning styles, disabilities and the process of how people learn. My desire to help students achieve and to 'think outside the box' has enabled me to assist many of those that would not normally be able to succeed
The training I have received both at HE college and at university includes both Jazz/rock and Classical genres, and as I didn't learn music theory until I was an adult, I am well versed in learning music by ear. I have been in music since the age of five and have also taken up other art forms such as theatre, creative writing and art, which allows me to understand different viewpoints of the same art genre and the interconnected nature of media in general. An avid reader, I have undertaken numerous courses of self study and tested the results on my own initiative. I play several instruments from varying degrees including keyboard, electric bass and cello, and am intimately familiar with a variety of music software and technology including Logic, Sibelius, Protools, and Cuebase. As a professional musician my experience has also included live sound engineering, basic recording practices, foley, and music applications for multimedia and music in film which I can offer to interested students.


Throughout my life I have developed skills and earned experience in numerous art forms including composing, drama, art and creative writing. Much of my time has been spent practicing and honing these abilities. Samples of my work are available both on these pages and by request. I am also open to discuss any propositions for those who wish to use my skills for their project. If you wish to make a proposal then I can be contacted on the details given at the beginning of this page.


During secondary school I became interested in composing and songwriting, undertaking my own research of this area and ultimately writing a two and a half hour musical in my graduating year. Since then, I have studied Jazz/Rock composing and songwriting at college, then classical composition at university where both my qualifications majored in composition with voice as my instrument. Learning both classical and jazz music theory has helped develop my skills as has playing in bands. For many years I have taught songwriting, composing and related topics which has further honed my skills and abilities in this subject area. I have written for a variety of different situations from commercials to bands, classical twentieth century to band songs, giving me a range of knowledge and ability.

Trained in composition, I also possess some skills in arranging, orchestration and essential conducting. I have also put together a small studio for songwriting and composing which allows me to score, MIDI, and record audio with effects for a variety of purposes.

My area of specialism is composing music for moving image including multimedia, film, TV, and video games, though this is not an exhaustive list. Throughout my time I have contributed music to several student films and productions, local commercials and adverts. I have also studied this area in both college and university, where my undergraduate thesis was and exploration of the process of music interacting with moving image. A brief list of projects I have been involved with is available on the CV page.


My experience in drama began with a children's summer camp where a drama programme was offered that I and some others took part, writing our own skits, creating costumes, and generally learning the trade. During high school, I studied drama formally in classes, participating in numerous productions first as an actor, and then later experiencing other roles such as director, technical assistant, stage manager and eventually as a play writer. Participating in provincial festivals, I received several awards for my acting, and placed in the top twelve of over a hundred entries in a provincial play writing competition in my graduating year. I took a few classes in acting whilst at university which included media relationships and theatre history. I have continued to develop my skills, working with a few amateur dramatic groups over the years, and substituting for drama teachers at the FE college level when necessary, giving me a wide knowledge of the area.


Starting with attempting my own comic books in late childhood, I have developed my artistic skills, first by taking classes at secondary level and studying various art forms including basic architecture. Pencil drawings are my specialty particularly the face and graphic art style, and I have often provided drawings of characters and scenes for others. I have taught myself to use photoshop and various other programmes which when combined with scanning technology allows me fully realise my artistic ideas.I have developed logo's and undertaken graphic design on a local commercial level, and my art skills have also been used for such items as storyboards, theatre staging designs and idea pages.


With an honours in English at secondary level and a wide range of reading material from fiction to academic papers, I began writing creatively in my early teens- a trend which has continued until the present. My material covers poetry, fictional novels, screenplays & plays, academic papers, guides, marketing, instruction, RPG's, short stories, political and social tracts, and more. Possessing a keen interest in stories, people and the nature of existence, I am able to use these passions with my communication and language ability to construct material that will engage an audience.


As technology advanced and my interest in film, television and video games grew, I began to research the history and operation of these industries while at the same time developing my practical skills in these areas by working through various programs such as Adobe Premiere and Director to create mini-projects. My interest also encompassed early webdesign and applications where I taught myself the original HTML and Java, using these to create small scale projects. While at university, I undertook several classes in multimedia, including a genealogical multimedia presentation which though uncompleted won some acclaim at the time for creativity and use of the technology. Since then I have continued to put this knowledge and skills to use on projects and even teaching some sessions on the subject.


Since my youth I have always been interested in the 'whys' of existence. Over my lifetime, this interest has grown, spurring me to develop my knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, the top three of which are history, politics and sociology- all of which can be used to explain and understand who we are and why we do as we do. Over the course of many years, not only have I read and expanded my knowledge through formal education in these subjects, but I have used them to great effect in my teaching, the way I live my life, and to help others. I have produced numerous theories and written accounts through the years and am a keen advocate of positive action. Some of my theories and conclusions are available on the Ideas page of this site and I am interested to discuss and hear from others on these subjects.


One cannot create in a vacuum and I am open to discuss any commissions or project proposals that are on offer. If you are interested in what you see here, and would like to learn more, please check out the Business Section and contact me on the details given.


Suicidal Moose Productions ltd. Logo
A production company spanning Canada and the United Kingdom, Suicidal Moose Productions focuses on creative works of all kinds from music to multimedia.

The name owes its origins to a late night session at a pub in Derby where I was trying to explain how moose in Canada often run across the road in front of oncoming traffic without regard to their safety. In doing so, I described them as 'suicidal' which brought forth many hours of jokes, discussion and general carrying on, including a theme song and a cartoon-like characterisation. As it seemed so unusual and popular, I used the name for my production company, developing my own logo media imagery.


There are several sections to this page, the main areas given below. Simply click on the relevant navigation point to be taken to where you desire.

Everything presented here is copyrighted to Suicidal Moose Productions and Micah Sicotte. No item may be used in any way whatsoever without the express written consent of Micah Sicotte. Please respect this copyright and feel free to contact Micah for permission.

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