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Michael Vaughn

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Michael Vaughn was originally is one of Sydney Bristow's co-workers and ongoing love interest but after the Distortions of Alias Unbound started to appear, Vaughn's sanity quickly degraded, and an obsession for keychains surfaced.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the first act, Michael Vaughn became obsessed with his love for Sydney, and tried to talk to her about their relationship in situations such as briefings and in the middle of the battlefield.

In later acts he forgot completely about Sydney, and Sydney was quick to write him off as incompetent. A new term was coined for him: fortress of ineptitude. The author of Alias Unbound has hinted that Vaughn's use of the passive tense may become a significant plot point.

Memorable Quotes from Alias Unbound

Official: Again, this is not an airport. Consequently your chance of getting on a flight are negligible.

Vaughn: Not if apple pie produces spontaneous electric discharge. Which it probably does.

Official: Why don't you just go to a public terminal and order a direct transport to Virginia?

Vaughn: You mean Iceland.

Official: The CIA headquarter is in Virginia.

Vaughn: Then why is Timbucktoo swarming with porpoise-zebras?

Official: That's as relevant as it is factual, you fortress of ineptitude.

Vaughn: Oh, I see how it is. [pulls out wallet, takes out library cards and begins waving them around.] Have to have a little financial 'incentive' to do your job, hmmm? Hmmmm?

Official: I hardly require---wait, how do you have a Spanish library card? [looks at it closely] That can't possibly be valid. There hasn't been a functioning library in Spain since-

Vaughn: Can I board now?

Official: [dropping card] No. Now could you please move along? Other people are waiting.

Vaughn: You haven't heard the penultimate of me! Revenged will I be! Richard the Third part VIII! [dashes off. The next group of people moves up in the line.]

Official: [wearing an artificial smile.] Hi, welcome to Chuckey Cheese. Are you here with a group, or is this a private outing?

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