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Mihaman Empire

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A massive empire hailing from an evil-aligned version of the Azumanga Daioh universe, ruled by most of the series' main characters.

The Mihamans are known for their preadatory military tactics, within which they start out attempting peaceful, diplomatic ways of getting new lands before changing the status quo to forceful conquer if rejected. They have already taken complete and utter control of their home planet, but have recently created interdimensional travel tech, and have set their sights on Valgris. So far, only one of the Admirals of the Empire has shown up on Valgris: Sakaki, who has set her sights on Sega City. Her fleet was in a standoff with the combined forces of GUN, the GDI, and the Sandarians, and lost before retreating. The Empire has tried one other time, but with the Sandarians keeping watch on Valgris, their effort was futile, and they have not taken action since.

Imperial Eschelon

Chiyo "Chiyo-sama" Mihama - Empress

Minamo Kurosawa - Grand Admiral, Codename "Nyamo."

Ayumu Kasuga - Admiral, Codename "The Shark."

Kagura - Admiral, Codename "The Dreadnaught."

Koyomi Mizuhara - Admiral, Codename "Yomi."

Tomo Takino - Admiral, Codename "Wildcat."

Sakaki - Admiral, Codename "Cat Mistress."

Kaori Aida - Vice Captain to Admiral Sakaki

Chihiro - Vice Captain to Admiral Mizuhara

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