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Money and Status in the Fallen Empire

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Wealth and Status are often related in the world of the Fallen Empire, even more so than in modern earth. In this world wealth doesn't just mean a larger house or more time to shop. Wealth means the difference between an enjoyable life of leisure and a life of hard work every waking moment. Even more than in most realms wealth determines the quality of the friends you have and the women that will speak to you. While people that fall on hard times can usually count on a little help from their friends, neighbors, and usually even the church - it will be short term and not likely to be repeated. It short there is no welfare state. If you're not a farmer running out of money means running out of food, which means you die. Families often marry a child off to save them from that fate, or sometimes even sell one into slavery. The world can be a hard place.
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Coin Value Weight Coins/pound Approx size
Large Gold "Dragon" $ 100 1.06 oz 15 per pound US Silver Dollar
Gold "Crown" $ 20 0.4 oz 40 per pound US Half-Dollar
Silver "Shield" $ 5 1.06 oz 15 per pound US Silver Dollar
Silver "Toppin" $ 1.00 0.4 oz 40 per pound US Half-Dollar
Copper "Pence" $ 0.10 0.213 oz 75 per pound US Quarter
  • Merchants often use a 1 pound gold trade bar worth $1000. Trade goods like furs and skins are often worth $1 to $5 per pound. Gems and Jewels are often worth hundreds or thousands and usually weight in at much less than a single ounce.

Starting Wealth

Wealth Starting Funds
Filthy Rich $50,000
Very Wealthy $10,000
Wealthy $2,500
Comfortable $1,000
Average $500
Struggling $250
Poor $100
Dead Broke $0


6 The Baron
5 Baron's Family/Court Advisor
4 General/Landed Noble/Visiting Noble
3 Knight/Landless Noble/Mayor of a Fast Multimillionaire Wizard (Magery 5+) High Priest of a temple
2 Captain/Guildmaster/Magistrate/Mayor Filthy Rich Sorcerer (Magery 2+) Head Priest of a church
1 Constable/Craftsman/Merchant Wealthy Magician (Magery 1+) Priest
0 Freeman
-1 Homeless Beggar
-2 Slave
  • Categories can add to some extent. For example a Filthy Rich Merchant would have status 3.
  • In the Fallen Empire no one will have status higher than 5 unless they overthrow the Baron or become a god.

The Order of Laesmoor

The Baron, himself the Knight Captain of the order, occasionally knights someone for heroism in defense of the realm. Anyone knighted by the Baron becomes a Knight Errant of the Order of Laesmoor. Knighthood itself is status 3, and requires the character to also have:

  • Patron (The Order of Laesmoor) (9 or less) (15)
  • Duty: Defend Laesmoor (Fairly often, 9 or less, hazardous) (-10)
  • Minor Vow (Gentleman Knight) (-5)

The Order of Laesmoor will help a new member by finding them a job they are best suited for, lending money to purchase a home or the knightly equipment necessary to maintain their new status, and basically acting like a very helpful 'old boys club.' The Order of Laesmoor can thus act as a patron, assigning quests or missions to the character(s). Or if the knight already has a job they can essentially serve as an a contact.

Next above Knight Errant is Knight Commander. The council of the order is made up exclusively of Knights Commander. Basically long years of service, or anything heroic enough to get someone knighted will be get one nominated to be a Knight Commander. The exact ceremony is a secret, but basically the candidate will appear before the full council. The nominating member will state the reason he believes the KE should be raised to KC, another member must second this nomination. Then the KE will answer questions posed by the council. Afterword the council votes, and if the motion carries the candidate is dubbed by the senior KC present. The Baron himself is a KC of the order and if present is considered the most senior member.

The rank of Knight Commander is Status 4, and if the new KC has no land the council will arrange for a parcel to be awarded to the new Knight Commander. A Knight Commander can recommend Knighthood to the council, and recommend advancement of a knight to the council. The Baron can veto any appointment to knighthood, but not advancement to KC. Currently there are less than 100 Knights of Laesmoor, and exactly 8 Knights Commander.

The Order of the Shield

The Sheriff of Laesmoor Edward Tilton is the Knight Captain of this order, which recognizes constables of the realm for their dedication, competence, and heroism. This order is larger than the order of laesmoor, and well respected, but not nearly as active in politics.

Those knighted into this order are essentially constables for life. Other constables, even those not of the order, hold these knights in great respect. Along with this knighthood comes a monthly stipend equivalent to an average job, and the stipend for Knight Commander is equivalent to a comfortable job.

Knights of this order must also have:

  • Patron (The Order of the Shield) (9 or less) (15)
  • Duty: Law Enforcement; Quite often (12 or less, -10) If still employed, or Quite rarely (6 or less, -2) if retired.
  • Minor Vow (Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law) (-5)
  • Law Enforcement Powers (5)

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