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Morning Star

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Episode 14
Morning Star
What is this?
Blogger StormGenie
Date Posted 07/11/07
URL [1]
Length 3:17
Description "One would have taken her for a little angel, she was so very beautiful; for her swooning away had not diminished one bit of her complexion; her cheeks were carnation,and her lips were coral; indeed, her eyes were shut, but she was heard to breathe softly, which satisfied those about her that she was not dead. The King commanded that they should not disturb her, but let her sleep quietly till her hour of awaking was come."
Location(s) Unknown
Youtube Tags Dawn Rain Thunder Hesperus Perun Veles Aesculapius Wisp
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Morning Star (Will o' Wisp)

Morning Star is the 14th video in the Will o' Wisp series.


(Black background. Sound of an insect buzzing.)

Overlay: Don't you just love summertime in the south?

('Squish' sound.)

Overlay: I know I do.

(Sunset on a river.)

Overlay: I think it's the insufferable heat more than anything else. But the morning twilight is probably my favorite time of all.

(A fuzzy spot of light.)

Overlay: That glorious point between night and day...

(A fire flower.)

Overlay: The Cosmic Hypnogog.

(A man with in shorts and a shirt, which is open. He holds a staff and his hat is pulled over his eyes.)

Overlay: That's when the Magic works best.

(Clouds, and the sound of "lightning.")

(A girl (Bell?) lying on the ground.)

Overlay: I don't think she's left us just yet. I can still feel her heart beating. But seriously, have you ever seen someone so eager to give her life away?

(B&W picture: Woman sleeping.)

Overlay: It makes me smile.

(Bell sleeping.)

Overlay: Now she drifts between worlds.

(Prince rushing to the sleeping woman.)

Overlay: Just like morning twilight.

(Picture: Skulls.)


Overlay: You know how it is.

(A ribbon on the ground transforms into a snake.)

(A tombstone?)

Overlay: Maybe this can be fixed, with a little help.

(Some old-fashioned picture, with an old man and cherubs.)

(The man is holding a staff and a snake.)

Overlay: A few words...

(Another man holding a snake.)

Overlay: A (unreadable) of gestures,

(Another snake, then another.)

Overlay: And she's right as rain.

(Bell sleeping.)

Overlay: Suddenly Abel wants her dead.

(Bell is lying on a bare bed.)

Overlay: You tried to warn her, of course, and it almost worked.

(Picture: Sleeping Beauty.)

Overlay: But she's such a lamb. Ah, whatever. Just kiss the girl like the Prince Charming you wish you were.

(Sean? Kissing Bell transforms into another Sleeping Beauty picture.)

(Picture: A man with a bird on his head?)

Overlay: Eventually you'll have to come to terms with all this.

(More clouds, the sound of lightning.)

Overlay: There are fundamental issues to address. Questions to answer.

(Some sort of hexagonal picture.)

(A drop of water.)

Overlay: You brought her here for protection.

(Rain on a body of water.)

Overlay: What do you think happened?


Overlay: And just where the hell is that old man anyway? It looks like it's just you and Beauty, eh? And me, of course. I'll always be here...


Overlay: ...watching your back.


(Jewish tree of life, with Gevurah, Tif'eret, and Hod highlighted.)


  • In this video, StormGenie indicates that he is looking out for Sean.
  • Gevurah represents severity, punishment, judgement. Tif'eret represents the tempering of Gevurah and Hesed (Compassion, Mercy, Benevolence). Hod represents submission, praise.

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