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NEW10 is the analogue callsign of Network Ten's Perth-based television station. It was launched on May 20, 1988.

Awarding of Licence and pre-launch

The then Communications Minister Michael Duffy first invited applications for a third commercial station in April 1984. There were four original bidders for the licence: West Coast Telecasters, Now Television, Perth Television and Western Television. Now Television pulled out fairly early on while Perth Television eventually affiliated with the Western Television application in August 1985.

After a fairly long and drawn out public hearings process in which 12 appeals were heard, the licence was granted to Kerry Stokes' West Coast Telecasters (owner at that time of CTC7 in Canberra) in 1986 and he went for the callsign WCW10, with the 'WC' component of the callsign standing for West Coast. The as yet to be launched station was sold to Westfield in 1987, along with the rest of Network Ten (excluding TVQ-0) and the callsign was changed to NEW10, for marketing purposes.

Reason for late launch

The reason for the late launch in comparison with other cities was because of the impracticalities of transferring programs to such a geographically isolated area. So until 1988, TVW-7 and STW-9 formed a joint venture to buy programmes from the East Coast commercial stations (Seven, Nine and Ten). The impracticalities were resolved in 1986 when the AUSSAT satellite was launched, thus meaning programmes could be transferred via satellite and paving the way for Perth's third commercial station to launch.


After the actual launch itself, the main event on launch night was a telethon to raise money to send Australia's Olympic athletes the the Games that were being held in Seoul later that year. The first newsreading team consisted of Greg Pearce, Alan Hynd, Gina Pickering, Peter Perrin, Tina Altieri, Ian Brayshaw and John Barnett.

Programming and history since 1988

In 1989 the station was sold to Charles Curran so that Network Ten could be rescued out of its financial difficulties. The station rejoined the network when Canwest, who were by that time owners of the rest of Network Ten, bought the station in 1995.

The station was the first to screen their nightly bulletin at the irregular time of 5:30 pm, as opposed to the usual 6pm that was standard practice. This was somewhat logical, given the stranglehold that TVW-7 held, and still holds, on news at 6:00 pm. This later changed to 5:00 pm in January 1992, along with the rest of Network Ten. For cost-cutting reasons the 5:00 pm news bulletin has been produced out of Sydney for a number of years and is hosted by Tim Webster. Initially, this was presented by Greg Pearce and Christina Morrissy, who quit after suffering Deep Vein Thrombosis on a flight.

In 1999, the station became the headquarters of WIN Television's Western Australian operations, who rebroadcast NEW-10's 5pm news and are based at NEW-10 due to rumours of infighting between the owners of WIN and the owners of STW-9. After WIN's takeover of STW, WIN is now based at their facilities.

Due to its relative age, NEW-10 has not produced much substantial local programming. It currently only produces one program, The Western Front, an AFL related program. In the past it produced Kids Company, an afternoon program for children, Western Australia - At your service, a tourism program and Drivetime TV, a motoring program that moved to TVW-7 in 2005.

  • Studios: Cottonwood Crescent, Dianella Heights, WA
  • Main Transmitter: NEW10 Tower, Welshpool Road, Carmel WA
  • Coverage Area: Perth

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