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Netflix Coupons

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Netflix is an American company that offers movies and TV shows to its subscribers. Originally a company that sent DVD movies through the mail, they now also specialize in on-demand movies. Subscribers are able to instantly watch movies and TV shows from the comfort of their home. Additionally, individuals are still able to receive DVDs through the mail.

The company was founded by two individuals who were sick of paying late fees for the movies that they rented at movie rental stores. During the first year of existence, Netflix charged fees for each movie that was rented and also charged for shipping. Within a year, it's cost model was changed greatly to impact a subscription based monthly cost that included flat rate shipping costs.

The company prides itself in offering unlimited movie rentals free of costly shipping charges.

Netflix's Evolution

Netflix has continued to evolve over time. Netflix now offers unlimited streaming online video and TV shows to its subscribers. Individuals are also able to watch movies and TV shows on their TV with the use of a gaming system or blu ray player.

This makes it easier for more individuals to enjoy watching Netflix whenever they want. Additionally, subscribers are now also able to take advantage of blu ray rentals. The company will only continue to grow and improve as time progresses.

Netflix Coupons

Most people enjoy using Netflix's services, because they are able to enjoy so many new TV shows and movies each month. This makes it more affordable than renting movies from a video store or constantly going to see new movies at the movie theater. As Netflix continues to be in service, many more people learn of its benefits. Many new subscribers take advantage of Netflix each month.

Many people are looking for new ways to save money while also enjoying the products and services that they've come to enjoy. Web users are often looking for coupons and discounts to their favorite products. Netflix is just one of the companies that offer discounts to web users.

Discounts and Free Trials

As a way to draw in new subscribers, Netflix has continued to offer a free one month trial. Users are able to sign up for the site, and begin their free trial right away. After the 30 day period, individuals will have to begin paying the monthly price. They also have the option to quit the service, altogether and avoid paying any fees.

Netflix also sends out free month trials in the mail. Individuals who don't already subscribe will often get mail that offers the free month subscription. Additionally, current members will occasionally get mailings that offer a free month trial to friends and family members.

Netflix has also been known to offer discounts around the holiday season. This includes savings on a yearly subscription, which can be used as a gift or can be purchased for the individual. This is another way in which Netflix is attempting to bring in new subscribers.

While Netflix does not offer a lot of discounts to its subscribers, it does offer different pricing plans for its customers. This helps to make its services more affordable. Individuals are able to pay $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming content. For $9.99 a month, a user is able to get unlimited streaming content as well as additional Netflix DVDs by mail.

Unlimited Plans

Additionally, users are able to pay $11.99 a month for unlimited streaming content, mailed DVDs and mailed blu ray discs. Choosing the best plan depends on each person's specific needs.

Netflix is a movie giant that has continued to be successful, even as changes have been made to its services and offerings. If you're looking to enjoy movies from the comfort of your home, you may want to take advantage of the free month trial offer. This will allow you to see the many movies and TV shows that Netflix offers, at no cost to you.

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