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The Nexians are a race of parallel-evolved human-like beings created by Global Nexus. His character, Maraska, is a Nexian.

Race Name

Just as an interesting note, the name Nexian was NOT the original species name. They were called Neshuans. However, their prominent role in the Interuniversal stage led them to be known prominently as "Nexians" -- to such extent they referred to THEMSELVES as such. Their homeworld, however, remained Neshua.

The First Nexian Empire

Over a hundred trillion average years ago, the Nexians -- a highly advanced race that had united its entire Universe -- founded an empire. The Emperor, Aleskiu IV the Wise, hoped to see this Empire stretch across the Universes and be a supreme, uniting force for all intelligent beings.

The Empire flourished and brought many different beings into its fold. Within a thousand years, more than 350 whole Universes were a part of it and more than 1000 segments of Universes had joined with the Empire. Technology advanced at a rapid pace, actually reaching a threshold upon which it and magic were indistinguishable.

It was at this time that the Distortions -- who had no name at the time -- first came into the picture. The new Emperor in Interuniversal Date 1055 began instituting strangely brutal policies and forcing the development of new weapons with destructive capacity unseen by even the gods. In truth, he had been possessed by a Distortion that had managed to weasel its way into the 3rd Dimension. Its plan was simple: create a weapon with the destructive capacity to blow a hole through the 4th Dimension and allow for an invasion. In the end he was thwarted, but the Distortions' plans were only halted temporarily.

More than two hundred years later, a strange cult began to take hold within the fringes of the Empire. Referring to itself as "The Society", this cult worshipped what was believed to be a dark god that had long been sealed away. However, this was yet another attempt by the Distortions' to garner power. This plot was quickly taken care of, but a dark revelation was made: any intelligent being that willingly worshipped the Distortions, regardless of deceit, actually made it easier for one to pass through 4D and possess them...

The last stand of the First Nexian Empire occurred less than fifty years later. Using their newly-expanded following, the Distortions began to infiltrate the upper echelons of the Empire -- including the Emperor, the Congress, and the highest ranked members of the military. Manipulating the entire Empire (which had grown even larger still) to their whim, the Distortions crafted a weapon of immense, super-concentrated energy held in place by a field of gravity. If allowed to detonate, the explosion that followed would have the destructive capacity to literally blow an entire universe apart! And more importantly, tear a hole through the 4th Dimension...

Four people -- all Nexians -- stood up to try and defeat this plan, but were insufficient to halt the detonation. What followed was known as the Shattering of Time as the explosion let loose by the weapon literally popped the home universe of the Nexians' into nothingness and several disrupted over 400 that were "nearby". Afterwards, the Distortions poured forth from hole created and systematically destroyed the Nexian Empire. In the last battle, the four people, armed with weapons meant to counteract the 5D powers of the Distortions, battled the massive Distortion army and faced down the very Core of the Distortion Hivemind. They did not succeed...

But the Distortions were drawn back into their home dimension and the hole sealed up...at the cost of their lives.

The Nexian Empire was in shambles. Over a billion intelligent races were rendered extinct by the invasion. Only a small number of Nexians actually survived and, to ensure their continued survival, entered stasis and searched for a new home Universe...

The Second Nexian Empire

Over 4000 years passed between the destruction of the First Nexian Empire and the reawakening of the Nexians who had entered stasis. They appeared at a great distance from the devastated areas left behind and had settled in a small, peaceful Universe of which little occurred. On the new homeworld, which they dubbed "New Neshea", the Nexian race thrived immensely. Within a thousand years the Nexians were again an intergalactic society. Within another two thousand, interuniversal. And once again they founded an Empire -- but this time, it was a TRUE empire...

The Emperor was given supreme power over all decisions and many ruled brutally and with an iron fist, usually directed only towards non-Nexians. A large number of conquestial campaigns were executing, bringing many hundreds of thousands of intelligent races under the thumb of the Nexians. Often treated as second-class citizens, these races seethed constantly and were abused by the system. Numerous rebellions flared, and all of them were put down -- bloodily.

One thing that did not change however was the Nexians' technological prowess. After a mere 3000 years they had managed to craft technology similar to that at the height of the First Empire. Technology once again blurred the lines of magic and science, the most notable of these devices being the Sutria Crystals. These crystals were in truth technological weapons meant to combat the growing number of rebellions against Imperial power. With these at their disposal, a single ten-man troop could wipe out millions of opponents using conventional weaponry.

The various subjugated races of the Empire were not the only ones fed up with the Imperial Family. A conspiracy involving a group of Nexian scientists was brewing. Led by Uril, a great scientist and one of the developers of the Sutria Crystals, this group of traitors planned to kill the Emperor and become the Governors of a new Nexian Federation. Or at least, the other members of the conspiracy planned it. Uril simply wanted to use Nexian technology to bring about his own, twisted apocalypse.

No side won this conflict, however. Amidst a series of ancient ruins, the ensealed Nexus of Evil � of no relation to the Nexians � was discovered, brought back to New Neshea, and accidently opened. The Nexus of Evil, driven by the massive negative energies contained within its body, went on a rampage that totally wrecked New Neshea and wiped the ruling government as well as over 90% of its population out. The parents of Maraska used a weapon from long past -- a weapon used to enseal the Distortions -- to carve a chunk from the Nexus and placed it in their young daughter, Maraska. This tiny weakening in the Nexus' power allowed it be sealed away by ten Sutria Crystals...

The Second Nexian Empire, already extraordinarily weak from years of rebellion, collapsed not long afterwards. As for the traitors? They vanished from history for a very long time. And Maraska...? Well, that's another story...

The Nexian Realm

What remnants were left of the Nexian race decided to never again try to form an entity that reigned over other races. To that end, the remaining Nexians gathered their best scientists and eventually designed a device that would create a separate space different from a universe. Rather similar to the boundary of a Myriad, the Nexian remnants called this a "Realm" -- that is, a Myriad in which access is completely and utterly impossible by general, conventional means. Within this space, planets and stars were formed using a time-manipulation device and the Nexian race was for the most part removed from conventional space.

For trillions of years, the Nexians remained within this Realm, willingly trapped forever in an extremely small space. Only one Nexian day every thousand years would anything ever leave or enter the Realm, a measure made to prevent complete stagnation. Every now and then individuals and objects would enter and exit, allowing for what little remained of the Nexian civilizations' past to be preserved and giving the Realm fresh resources.

Eventually, the Nexian Traitors led by Uril returned however, taking advantage of that solitary day of opening. Once in the Realm, they commandeered a city and turned it into a grand, towering fortress. Then they utilized a weapon that could literally erase matter to "destroy" Valgris. In the end however the Traitors were defeated by a series of outsiders -- including Maraska herself -- and the weapon was turned on the Nexian Realm. The last remnants of the Nexian race was destroyed in the catastrophic erasure, the Nexian Realm completely eliminated, and all their knowledge, technology, literature, and history lost in this example of genocide-level euthanasia...

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