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For people who are trying to stop smoking, the task ahead can seem daunting and next to impossible. Some may attempt to quit "cold turkey" only to find that the craving for nicotine is too powerful. This craving often causes the quitter to grab for a cigarette, and then feelings of guilt and inadequacy take over. It can become an endless cycle of failed attempts.

Many smokers have found that a more gradual method works better than "cold turkey". The NicoDerm CQ method allows for a slower, better controlled process of withdrawal. FDA approved since 1991, the NicoDerm CQ patch has been helping smokers become smoke free and stay smoke free.

What is NicoDerm CQ?

NicoDerm CQ is therapeutic nicotine that is worn as a patch. Each patch can be worn for up to 24 hours, and uses SmartControl technology allowing for a slow release of nicotine.

The "CQ" stands for Committed Quitters, and the NicoDerm patch helps users become cigarette free with a programmed, easy to use method. NicoDerm CQ is the #1 doctor recommended patch for good reason; it's effective, and there is a choice of dosing that suits individual needs.

The methodology behind the NicoDerm CQ patch is simple; to slowly, gradually, almost imperceptibly decrease the amount of nicotine the body receives daily, eventually ending the body's need for nicotine altogether. The nicotine in the patch is safer because it is free of other toxins often found in cigarettes.

Nicoderm Coupons

Cigarettes send nicotine to the brain in 10 seconds; the patch releases nicotine in a controlled way over 24 hours. Using this method, the user, in theory, will not experience the sudden need for nicotine.

Over a period of 8-10 weeks, the NicoDerm CQ user will use patches of decreasing nicotine concentration. By the end of the program, the user should be cigarette free. Of course, results will vary, and all "stop smoking" methods should be done in conjunction with therapy or another type of behavioral modification assistance.

How is NicoDerm CQ Used?

The NicoDerm CQ patch is worn on the skin, and comes in several discreet colors. It can be worn for 24 hours at a time for those who require around the clock dosing. The patch can also be taken off at night, and a new one reapplied in the morning.

There are two basic dosing choices, and each one starts with a high dose and finishes with a lower dosage. For example, for people who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, it is recommended that the eight week plan that begins with 21 mg of nicotine be used.

After 6 weeks of usage, the dosage drops to 14 mg, and after two weeks at 14 mg the dosage drops to 7 mg for two more weeks. There are other dosing choices available. The website, www.nicodermcq.com, is a great place to find out about the different programs that NicoDerm has to offer.

As with all medications, there have been some minor side effects such as skin redness, rash, nausea, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat. These symptoms are usually mild and may vary from patient to patient.

Where to Find NicoDermCQ

The best place to find information about the product and about special offers is at www.nicodermcq.com. The website offers free samples, great coupons, and various discounts on the product. Newspaper inserts, drug store sales, and other stores such as Walmart and Costco often offer discounts and coupons for the NicoDerm CQ patch.

The NicoDerm CQ patch can also be obtained through a "stop smoking" program such as the Way2Quit Program. Information about this program can be found at www.Way2Quit.com. This type of program is wonderful because it combines products such as the patch with behavioral modification therapy. Some states such as Florida also have "stop smoking" programs.

The desire to stop smoking is a step in the right direction. Using a method such as the NicoDerm CQ patch combined with counseling can greatly increase the chances of staying smoke free.

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