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Nivea Coupons

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Nivea Products

NIVEA is celebrating 100 years in business! To celebrate this milestone NIVEA is excited to present several announcements. Take a look at what’s going on, a little about NIVEA, and info on how you can save money on your favorite NIVEA products!

Nivea Special Events

100 Years Skincare For Life” - in May NIVEA will launch a worldwide campaign strengthening ties to core values: Trust, Honesty, Reliability and Family

World’s Largest NIVEA Skin Advisory Tour - Over 75,000 promotional stands in retail stores attracting an expected 13 million potential customers and 1.7 million consultations with individual skin analysis opportunities available!

Digital Mobilization Campaign with Rihanna Music Cooperation - NIVEA along with music star Rihanna expect to generate over one billion page views on the greatest digital mobilization campaign in social media history! NIVEA expects to target an entirely new generation as Rihanna claims a larger fan base on social media sites like Facebook than almost any other world star

NIVEA Communications Offensive 2011 - NIVEA is allocating over one billion euros to their marketing budget and additional “significant” investment in the brand. NIVEA plans to target new and especially young groups of potential customers

10 Eurocents Donation to ‘Plan International’ for Every Special Edition Tin Sold - NIVEA is partnering with socially disadvantaged children’s organization Plan International. For every special “Care and Connect” NIVEA Crème tin sold around the world NIVEA will donate 10 Eurocents of the proceeds to Plan Internationals project in Guatemala. There will be five million of the special tins made with an expected half million Euros donation.

nivea coupons

NIVEA Background

We all know Nivea as our favorite skin care line. What you may not know however is that Nivea brand skin care products has a fascinating history. Not your typical manufacturer that has been around for a few years or even several decades for that matter, Nivea has a rich history unmatched by any other skin care laboratory.

Purchased from Paul C. Beiersdorf in 1890, Nivea was founded by the new owner of the company Dr. Oscar Troplowitz in 1911. The design started as Eucerit, an emulsifier, in this case an agent that binds oil and water together, indeed, this was the first time in the world an oil and water based cream was made possible. Dubbed Nivea, meaning “snow”, Nivea also contained glycerin, citric acid, and for a hint of fragrance, oil of rose and lily of the valley.

While the recipe has had small adjustments over the last 100 years the original formula for the most part remains. In this case it was true that the simplest of things is also the best.

The 1920’s marked a time of great change in the world and as the times where changing so was Beiersdorf. Determined to move forward, the first use of the famous blue tin with bold white lettering was approved. Previously the tin was small, delicate in appearance and not very modern.

Nivea's Business Expands

In the 1930’s Nivea, and parent company Beiersdorf expanded a great deal, not only in their product line but in international distribution as well. Soon Nivea offered skin oil, shampoo and shaving cream along with the original Nivea Crème.

Throughout the 1940’s and beyond, Nivea became firmly implanted in product awareness saturation in the minds of Europeans and of those abroad.

In the 1980’s and 90’s Nivea saw another wave of innovation and an enormous release of different products. Brand trust was unmatched, and soon became the largest skin care brand in the world.

Saving on Nivea

Today there are more than 500 products available worldwide under the Nivea umbrella and brand recognition is 100% in some European countries, namely Germany. Nivea can be found in more than 170 countries today.

With a name like coupons.com you might expect to find Nivea coupons and you’d be right, for example this website features a few $1.00 off coupons on Nivea’s popular Express Hydration products.

Head over to www.ShopAtHome.com for coupons on Nivea products, here you will need to enter your email address and zip code, it’s a great way to save.

Another place to try out is target.com take a look at their coupons in the beauty listings and find some substantial savings using code based coupons.

With so many easy to use resources Nivea products are a great choice for all of your skin care needs. Be sure and try out these great coupons today to start saving right away!

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