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Not Games

Not Games, or NG, as the regulars like to call it, is an internet message board located at 1UP.com. It has had many members throughout it's hallowed 2 year history, the most prominent of whom can be found below. It is widely known that most of the cooler posters on NG originated in the now defunct Off Topic section of the 1up boards.

NG Members


  • agentrh84
  • alyak666
  • animalcrushing
  • Canislatrans
  • charmanderz (now xfiyahx)
  • chainsawvigilante
  • cpd-general
  • Disconfect
  • fatmanscoop
  • future_nobody
  • GlennQuagmire
  • Greg589
  • Hiero82
  • iluvgames
  • invasion01
  • justin_bostian
  • Knoopdog
  • Kouchikoji
  • KaleidoKyle
  • Linkthelegend2
  • Lonesage
  • master6349
  • maver1ck89
  • metal_rader
  • MikeDamone82
  • NickLoc
  • organs
  • PandaClaws
  • perrygood&true
  • RoughryderHOLT
  • Sadistik_zant
  • Shin00bie
  • soliddancinsnake
  • Spooky_Otaku
  • strokesguy89
  • Sturby
  • Suzaku
  • The_bigbadbick
  • TheJaded
  • The-Chef (Now The=Chef)
  • TommyAtomic
  • triggerhappy182
  • vegasnerd (Now Mikey_Velli)
  • Wan_Flan
  • wolfparty
  • y2koolaid

Lest We Forget

  • Devildogdavila
  • Legendary_Gage
  • millionaire_mick
  • Skylark
  • Fidget27

Oi vey, you fucking schlomeils,this is tantamount to public masturbation which us yids cannot enjoy due to lack of foreskin.

=Strokes, yeah in context my sceename is quite ironic.


A force to be reckoned with, and a thorn in the side of any who oppose him, PandaClaws’ long history with NG has been clouded with equal parts biting sarcasm and undeniable brilliance. While much about him is unknown, and perhaps never will be, what we do know of him is more than enough to cement both his reputation and his legacy as one of the finest posters NG has ever had. And by finest, I mean most infested with pubic lice.

Forged in fires that may well have been stoked by Satan himself, PandaClaws has proven himself to be the worst of adversaries. Getting the upper hand on him is nigh-impossible, and proving him wrong is a myth. He may well have been the one that started the myth, if only for the pleasure he takes in destroying those who think they can prove him wrong.

He has, over his time in NG, been banned more times that anyone can count. While a few of those times were indeed justified, for the most part those bans have come as a result of him being targeted by an administration neither smart enough to understand him, nor brave enough to face him. When he attacks them, they know they can’t fight back, so they resort to the only thing they can; silencing him. But silence him, as they have all learned, is more than impossible.

What cannot be underestimated is his sense of humor. While he can be vicious in dealing with the stupid, he can be the first person to make you smile with both his parodies or hiw sarcasm. Despite this, you should always approach him with caution, because the next head he takes may very well be yours.


Before actually becoming something of a legend now that he has decided to take jacking off to lesbian fighting where loser gets raped by the winner with a strap on as a fulltime position, Gage was the resident hacker and pervert of Not Games. His obsession with emo girls has since bled over into an infatuation with emo boys, tight pants and all.


Long time member of the 1up boards, Link spends most of his time in the 100% Official Random Pictured thread posting Explosm comics. Oh, and sucking.


Queen of 1up Boards.


Born three hundred years ago in the mythical country of Scotland, The-Chef (The=Chef following the events of January 16th, 2009: The-Chef's epic battle against the administrators) is one of the most important posters in Not Games. A former moderator and world class chef, he is responsible for many of the positive changes and good things to come out of Not Games since its creation in 2007.

The writer of award winning Justin and the Dolphin webcomic and of numerous Zombie epics, The-Chef has worked tirelessly to keep Not Games entertained and out of trouble. It is rumored that he is on speaking terms with one William Murray, a famous comedian and actor. Due to his advanced age in comparison to other regular Not Games users, The-Chef is considered by many to be an immortal highlander and the most powerful man in the world. These rumors are unsubstantiated, but his martial arts training, Scottish origins and numerous weapons form reasonably strong evidence. The only person on the boards known to be older and wiser than The-Chef is the infamous Spooky_Otaku and the only person on the boards known to be awesomer than The-Chef is Justin_Bostian, though many speculate that all evidence provided for this argument constitutes Hearsay and Conjecture.

More than anyone else, The-Chef has fought for Not Games even though his attempts to bring equality to 1up's most publicly reviled board were met with banishment and eventually deletion, The-Chef has risen from his grave and remains one of Not Games' most important posters.

Legendary Threads

Hey Ladies

This thread started as a joke personal posted by Future_Nobody, and evolved into one of the best threads in NG. Filled with joke personals put up on craigslist and some of the funniest shit ever uttered in NG, this is a must read thread.

Justin and The Dolphin

NG's own webcomic, this thread started from a drawing by The_bigbadbick. Created, written and drawn by Chef,it gets semi-regular updates and has an impressive fan following. It tells the true story of Justin, and his amazing Dolphin. It's also a testament to the crazy shit you can accomplish in MS Paint if you're bored enough.

The Dead Boards Thread

"A discusion about everything and nothing" doesn't really cover everything in this thread. Started as a way to keep the boards uncluttered when the users wanted to make comments they didn't think were interesting enough for a seperate thread, this thread has become one of, if not the biggest, thread on all of 1up.

Chef Goes on a Rampage

For one day, Chef decided to go crazy, and create a few parody threads. Some people knew it was a joke, others thought that Chef had lost his mind. Some of the threads were horrible, but a few were brilliant.

What's the Deal With Anal Chef ponders the pros and cons of anal sex. Despite being a joke, many people take this thread seriously. It was, for a long time, the reason a number of people in Games refused to post in NG.

Why isn't Steven Seagal making more movies Chef ponders the film career of action star Steven Seagal

I Have a Question Chef ponders the missing accent of Sophia from the Golden Girls, and learns that a number of Ng regulars actually like the show.

The 100% official random picture thread

Name says it all.

The Post Your Pic Thread

Despite being started by a useless douchebag, this thread has at least one picture of every NGer that matters, as well as a few you'll probably wish you could unsee.

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