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Nutramigen Coupons

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About Nutramigen

Nutramigen with Enflora LGG is a infant formula developed by Enfamil with the intent of managing colic, which is a cow's milk protein allergy. Colic can be difficult on infants and their parents as it leads to excessive crying. The hypoallergenic infant formula can soothe the baby's symptoms in as little as 48 hours, according to Enfamil, by balancing the immune system with hydrolyzed protein and Enflora LGG.

The formula is easy for babies to digest, promotes a healthy digestive system and skin health in addition to soothing the symptoms of colic. Because babies with colic are experiencing an allergy to cow's milk, the formula is lactose-free.

Nutramigen costs over $20 per can, which means a week's worth of formula can add up to almost $170. Fortunately, there are a variety of places parents can find Nutramigen coupons to help with the high cost of this special formula.

Where to Find Nutramigen Coupons


Start your search by going to the Enfamil website and navigating to the "offers" section. Many times the manufacturer will provide a certificate for one free sample of Nutramigen. Enfamil offers a variety of samples so you can find the right formula for your baby. Some parents are saying that if you call the company directly with a hardship, the company sometimes has a program that offers discounted formula.

Smart Source, Red Plum and Coupons.com

Several printable coupon websites offer Nutramigen coupons from time to time. Smartsource.com and Redplum.com are websites that feature many of the same coupons that are printed in Sunday newspapers.

Coupons.com offers a wide selection of products for your household which sometimes includes baby formula. Remember, many generic Enfamil coupons can be used to purchase Nutramigen.

Nutramigen Logo & Coupons

When you find out Smart Source or Red Plum will include Nutramigen coupons, buy multiple copies of the newspaper.

Some newspapers bundle two editions together for a special price to appeal to coupon hunters. Ask relatives and friends if you can have their Nutramigen coupons from the newspaper.

There are also professional coupon clippers, such as www.wholecouponinserts.com, where you can buy multiple copies of coupon inserts. Be aware that any insert that contains Nutramigen coupons will sell out fast.

Save on Nutramigen in Bulk

One way to save money if you don't have access to Nutramigen coupons is to buy the formula in bulk at a baby superstore or on Amazon.com, which sells Nutramigen by the case at a discount.

Amazon frequently offers free shipping when buying two or more products, so don't fret about the heaviness of a case of formula. You can also sign up for the Amazon Baby Club and save an additional 15 percent on every formula purchase.

Checking Out Specialty Websites

Nutramigenbabyformula.com is a blog dedicated to Nutramigen and helping parents cope with their infant's milk allergy. There are many tips here as well as links to Nutramigen coupons when they become available.

The site encourages parents to check the blog multiple times a day because, sometimes, when Nutramigen coupons are offered, there is a limit on how many are available. You will definitely want to move fast to get Nutramigen coupons before they are gone.

Coupons from Your Pediatrician

Don't hesitate to ask your pediatrician if she has samples of Nutramigen. Doctors frequently have samples sent to them by the manufacturers.

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