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Nyquil Coupons

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Saving Money on NyQuil

While purchasing Nyquil may not be at the top of our grocery list, having it around when you aren’t feeling well can make the difference between being miserable and being manageable.

What can be a unanticipated expense for many when illness strikes, those that plan ahead and use Nyquil coupons can have a supply on hand for those times that the store seems extra far away. Nyquil coupons can also save you considerable money.

Nyquil is produced by Vicks. Started by Pharmacist Lunsford Richardson in the 1890s, Vicks became the brand name for 21 different medications. Richardson’s best-selling product was Vicks Croup and Pneumonia Salve. Among his other medications, Richardson also offered Vicks Chill Tonic and Vicks Liniment.

By the 1930s, Vicks was a household name with their VapoRub making its way into millions of homes. They expanded their cold remedies throughout the 40s and 50s, and eventually their researchers created Vicks Nyquil as a nighttime cold medicine. Previously, liquid medications were only used for coughs, with the trend in cold medicines being pills.

NyQuil's Marketing History

Nyquil was test marketed in 1966 and its popularity eventually sparked a daytime equivalent to be produced in 1976. By 1987, Vicks had released a cherry-flavored options of Nyquil, and by 1991, the company released Nyquil in an easier to swallow LiquiCap.

Eventually because of demand, Vicks introduced Nyquil Sinus, targeting not just cold symptoms but also sinus pressure and pain. From its humble beginnings in a North Carolina pharmacy to present day on the shelf of every drug and grocery store around the world, the Nyquil brand has come a long way.

Getting Coupons for NyQuil

When purchasing Nyquil products, there are many coupons available to help with the cost. Using national store sales and coupons, it can be relatively economical to purchase Nyquil. With a few simple tips, you can find coupons for Nyquil products that will save you considerable money. Owned by Proctor and Gamble, Nyquil coupons can be found through their website.

NyQuil Coupons

At P&G's Website, guests can sign up to receive newsletters that include coupons and promotions. Visitors to the website can also sign up to receive coupon booklets that are released throughout the year. These booklets may or may not include Nyquil coupons, but it is worth signing up for to check for them.

Guests can also visit Vicks.com to sign up for their newsletter, where they can also receive coupons and special offers. By signing up for these newsletters, couponers can receive the most recent information and updates. Often, if there is a new product that the company is marketing they will send this information to those that receive their newsletter. This can include high-dollar coupons as well.

In addition to visiting their websites, Nyquil also has a Facebook page. By clicking “Like” on their page, Facebook members can receive information about the products, any special promotions, and often high-dollar coupons.

NyQuil on Facebook

For those who “Like” Nyquil on Facebook, they will receive the most recent information about the product and links to any special coupons that might be available. Facebook members can also follow Nyquil’s parent company Proctor and Gamble to get coupons and specials on their products.

Coupons at Stores

Couponers can also find coupons through local or national chains. Many chains have their own in-store coupons and these can sometimes include Nyquil coupons. Check the stores flyers and their websites for any special coupons that may save you money.

Proctor and Gamble will occasionally release coupon booklets that contain coupons for Nyquil. They may be released in conjunction with cold and flu season. Be mindful of the dates printed on these coupons and be sure that you use them before the expiration. These booklets are typically mailed to customers and should be requested from Proctor and Gamble’s website.

Local Coupons for NyQuil

The Sunday paper also provides consumers with Nyquil coupons. There are generally 2 inserts each Sunday that may include Nyquil coupons. Purchasing a few copies of the paper will give you multiple copies of Nyquil coupons and you will be able to stock up on the product when it goes on sale. Additionally, Proctor and Gamble releases their very own coupon insert that is available the first Sunday of each month.

These coupons are specific to the company and usually do contain Nyquil coupons. When purchasing multiple papers, always check that your coupons are inside before taking them home. Also note that during certain holiday weekends, coupons are not included in the Sunday paper.

NyQuil Coupons Via Mail

Consumers can also receive coupons through the mail. Email or mail a letter to Proctor and Gamble or Vicks describing your experience with the product. These letters can be complimentary or can discuss problems you have had with the product. Companies are interested in the experiences that their customers have had and often will reward those who contact them by sending high-dollar coupons through the mail.

Many times, coupons received in this way are considerably more than those found in newspapers and online. Because you are providing the company with feedback, they give excellent coupons in return.

Understanding sales schedules is important to using Nyquil coupons. Grocery and drug stores generally put products on sale on a schedule. This means that Nyquil products will generally go on sale every 4 to 5 weeks.

Getting the Best Deal on NyQuil

For Nyquil, this may mean a reduction in price or it may mean that the store is offering their own store coupon that can be used in addition to the manufacturer coupon. Using Nyquil coupons during these sale times will give you the best deal available. Check with each store for their coupon policies as they can be different.

When a cold strikes, sometimes only medicine can help us feel better. Nyquil has been used for almost 50 years to help relieve cold symptoms and having Nyquil coupons can help save you money in the process.

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