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O'Charley's Coupons

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About O'Charley's

Founded in 1969 across from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, O'Charley is a casual dining restaurant with 240 locations primarily in the southern and midwestern regions of the United States. It operates restaurants in seventeen states across this region and is known for a "down home" atmosphere and classic American entrees.

Unique among restaurants of its kind, O'Charleys gives each of its restaurants the freedom to personalize each dish on the menu, adding a unique local flair that turns each O'Charleys location into an adventure for diners. Whereas some restaurants try to emphasize that diners will enjoy the same great dishes from coast to coast, O'Charleys has had good success emphasizing that the name may be the same, and the dishes may be similar, but each restaurant itself is a new experience for its many frequent and loyal patrons.

Like its competitors across the country, O'Charleys offers its customers numerous ways to save on its menu items, including a customer loyalty program and its own series of online printable coupons for customers who prefer not to be contacted by email.

The O'Charleys e-Club

Diners who find themselves at an O'Charleys location for lunch or dinner pretty frequently will definitely want to sign up for the restaurant chain's e-Club, which sends special offers to members' email adresses on a relatively frequent basis. These special offers range from discounts off the bill, to free appetizers and even deep discounts on certain menu items.

In addition to the traditional coupon format of its regular emails, O'Charleys celebrates its customers' birthdays with special promotions. These discounts are good for a limited time, usually for a few days before and after a member's birthday, and are a great way to celebrate with friends and family -- and earn a great discount for doing so.

O'Charley's Logo

It should be noted that, while many people feel they can get the same discounts through traditional coupons as e-Club members receive in their email inboxes, O'Charleys makes an effort to send only exclusive savings to its online members. That means those who subscribe to emails from the company tend to get better dinner deals than those who simply clip coupons from their local newspaper. It's a great way to entice users to sign up for the service, and can only help cash-strapped diners.

In addition to these savings, O'Charleys sends customers promotional emails detailing new menu options alongside their slew of discounts and exclusive savings. That's great for people who have gotten accustomed to "the usual" and are looking to try a new dish -- especially since new menu items are occasionally discounted in the company's email communications.

Printable Coupons

Generally, savvy internet users consider printable coupons to be in the realm of third party websites that collect and aggregate coupons from other sources. And that's largely true, as those websites all feature printable coupons to be used in O'Charleys locations around the country.

But the people behind the O'Charleys restaurant chain are keenly aware of their customers' demand for discounts and have their own set of printable online coupons. Some of these are announced in the company's e-Club email blasts, while others are linked to exclusively on the website.

This is far more convenient and offers greater peace of mind than similar printable coupons on third party websites. Many times, those coupons are only valid at one location, or are simply scam coupons that don't have any real value and won't be honored at an O'Charleys restaurant. By providing its own set of online coupons, O'Charleys skips the hassle of invalid and fake coupons and gives diners the peace of mind that their savings will count toward their bill at the end of the meal, rather than lead to a more expensive surprise.

Traditional Coupons

The casual dining market in America is pretty competitive -- some might even call it over-saturated. In light of these, O'Charleys competes with its rivals by offering a series of coupons in Sunday newspapers throughout the areas it serves. While the discounts in these traditional paper coupons won't be as generous as the ones found in the company's promotional emails, they still result in a hefty savings for diners.

And, because emails from the company don't generally come every week, newspaper coupons are a great way to get discounted menu items between email blasts. Even a little savings (relatively speaking) is better than no savings at all. Of course, be sure to check expiration dates and look for any restrictions on use.

Many restaurants send out coupons that can only be used at one location, or at a few locations in your area. That's good if you typically stay in the area, but bad if you're a traveller and want to use coupons all over the country. Being diligent about reading the fine print can only help when you're on the road and have a craving for one of the many O'Charleys specialties.


The O'Charleys e-Club is the way to go for tech-savvy diners who want the best deals on the best food. Because the coupons sent through email can't be found on third party printable coupon websites, nor in local newspapers that send out weekly coupon-heavy issues, this is the way to go for anyone with an email address and a forgiving spam filter.

Other options are solid ways of saving on O'Charleys meals as well, though they'll require a little extra diligence in order to ensure that they're current, valid, and the best possible bang for your buck.

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