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Oil of Olay Coupons

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Oil of Olay is perhaps the best-known skin care line in the world and Oil of Olay coupons are easy to find. Olay's parent company, Proctor & Gamble, markets coupons for Oil of Olay via newsprint as well as on its official website and mobile point-of-sale venues.

Company Background

The origins of Oil of Olay are in South Africa where the beauty fluid was first developed in 1949 by former Unilever chemist, Graham Wulff. He called it Olay in a nod to a key ingredient, lanolin. Unlike typical beauty creams of the time, Wulff's unique formula was a smooth, pink fluid designed to simulate skin's natural oils. Women instantly recognized the distinctive difference and within twenty years Oil of Olay had become an international sensation.

The key to Oil of Olay's early success was in its ingenious marketing method. Creative advertisers rejected the words "skin moisturizer" in favor of the expressive slogan, "Share the secret of a younger looking you." Later it was changed to, "Love the skin you're in." Today Oil of Olay's slogan is, "Challenge what's possible." The marketing focus has always been to convince users that they have finally discovered the singular product that will keep them looking more youthful, Oil of Olay.

Currently Oil of Olay is responsible for nearly $3 billion of Proctor & Gamble's roughly $80 billion annual revenue. Oil of Olay products are sold in stores and pharmacies across the globe and it is considered one of the top skin care brands in all countries where it is sold, except Japan.

The Oil of Olay Skin Care Line

Oil of Olay product lines include Olay Professional, Regenerist, Definity, and Total Effects, as well as Facial Cleansing, Body Cleansing, Vitamins and Body Lotions. International iterations of Oil of Olay include White Radiance in Asia, Quench in North America, and Olaz in German-speaking countries, among others. Each of the Olay products promises to improve the general health and appearance of the skin. Some are also effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Oil of Olay

Oil of Olay products are available in supermarkets, pharmacies and discount stores, usually in the makeup or skin care aisles. Oil of Olay is often priced lower than many similar skin products with documented results that rival the most expensive lines. Oil of Olay coupons are widely available for all U.S. products, and in many of Oil of Olay's international outlets.

Oil of Olay Coupons

The main page of Oil of Olay's website website offers individual users an online consultation with a product specialist to determine the recommended skin care products to consider buying. The site also directs consumers to Oil of Olay coupons for starter kits and other products.

A recent sample of coupons on the Oil of Olay website included savings on Starter Trios of Definity, $31 off; Olay Complete, $18 off; and Regenerist, $28 off. Most coupons may be combined with retailers' discounts at checkout for further savings.

Online users who join Club Olay will receive twice-monthly offers including Oil of Olay coupons, a newsletter with special offers, and opportunities to participate in an exciting social platform. Olay Club members also receive offers for free samples of selected Oil of Olay skin care products.

Coupons for Mobile Users

Oil of Olay coupons are also available via mobile devices. Smart phone users can scan in-store displays or printed media for bar code discounts on select Oil of Olay products.


Oil of Olay is a skin care brand that offers scientifically designed products at discount prices. Proctor & Gamble makes it easy for consumers to find Oil of Olay coupons for further savings on Olay's time-tested beauty treatments.

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