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Olaf Feuerbrand

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  • Name: Olaf Feuerbrand
  • Nicknames: Human Holocaust, Firestarter (Hollow name)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: N/A
  • Race: Hollow, originally human
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color: Strawberry blonde
  • Eye Color: Unknown, hidden by hollow mask
  • Home World: Earth
  • Player: ZMetalla


Born on one of the many versions of Earth to a single-parent family, Olaf, from an early age was a gifted child. However, like many unfortunate gifted children, he was pretty much the target of ire throughout his school life for his lanky, nerdy appearance and aforementioned intelligence.

A typical angry child for how he was treated, Olaf got into many fights and was transferred many times to different schools, but his life never changed, friendless and a constant target.

That was, until the day he learned he had dormant pyrokinetic powers. His powers had actually manifested before, but he didn't learn of the presence until high school. Tired of how he was being treated, he began to hone his powers until he eventually had amassed enough power to completely torch his school and everyone inside it.

What should have been the end of his rage in doing this, Olaf began burning other things, and began to enjoy what he could do, eventually incinerating all life on his planet, but his lust for destruction by then had become insatiable, and using his powers, began to travel to other worlds and burn them as well.

Eventually, he was stopped by Alisha Shatogi.

However, his spirit continued to linger after his death, his spirit eventually becoming a Hollow and moved to Hueco Mundo... Until the day the Hollow, Hell Link opened a way to Valgris...




Olaf's appearance as a human was a tall, lanky teenage boy with glasses, with slightly shaggy strawberry blonde hair, wearing a shirt and slacks.

Olaf also had a second form made purely for battle that involves a suit of black armor with a magma-like texture and red, glowing lines throughout, his hair looking more akin to fire than normal.


As Firestarter, he appears to be a large networking of torn and tattered black cloth with a humanoid shape to it, the hole in his chest going through every sheet. His mask has several wavy spines of bone that protrude backwards from it, and his hair has gotten a bit longer since his human incarnation.

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