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Old Country Buffet Coupons

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The Old Country Buffet

Billing itself as "the best buffet in America," Old Country Buffet is a nationwide line of American-style buffet restaurants that emphasize traditional American recipes and offerings as well as a focus on families and groups in its advertising and promotional campaigns.

The company was founded in 1983 in Minnesota, and still has its corporate headquarters in that state today. After a period of financial difficulties and ultimately filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the company has emerged with a much stronger and more profitable financial situation. While some stores were closed in the process, Old Country Buffet remains a nationwide presence and a top choice among budget-conscious families and other diners who enjoy classic American food and reasonable prices.

Old Country Buffet is part of a company called Buffets, Inc., which operates the Old Country Buffet brand as well as Country Buffet, Ryan's, HomeTown Buffet, Fire Mountain, and Granny's Buffet. For this reason, the company's signature dishes are never out of reach or too far of a drive from anyone in the United States.

Old Country Buffet e-Club

A customer loyalty program is in order, and its one of the company's major initiatives since emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a strong balance sheet. The company has sought to make its brand widely known as friendly on the budget and helpful to customers in order to retain their business and continue on a strong track financially.

For this reason, the Old Country Buffet e-Club sends users exclusive email discounts that are some of the best in the buffet industry and definitely more generous than the occasional coupons it includes in newspapers and independent mailings. New members of the company's e-Club loyalty program get a special offer just for signing up and they can expect to receive a promotional mailing for a free buffet meal on their birthday.

Logo for Old Country Buffet

The company's email offers differ slightly from the ones it sends out in newspaper mailings. While the email offers tend to emphasize savings on the overall meal bill (the combined cost of everyone's buffet), newspaper mailings usually take a slightly different approach that makes it more economical to dine out in groups or families. And, because that is the restaurant's primary focus, it makes sense that the'd want to promote larger groups in their restaurants.

Another perk of joining the Old Country Buffet e-Club is that the service will include deals and discounts from more than just the Old Country Buffet brand. That means that users will occasionally score a free appetizer from a Ryan's location, or a meal discount at the company's Fire Mountain brand, just to name a few examples. It's sort of a one stop shop for discounts within the Buffets, Inc. line of restaurants.

Coupon Mailings

Sunday newspapers are often flush with coupons from restaurants that fall under the Buffets, Inc. umbrella, and Old Country Buffet is no exception. However, it's important to remember that the Old Country Buffet advertising and marketing focus is on families and groups of friends enjoying a meal together, and their numerous coupons reflect that fact.

Customers who use the company's coupon mailings as their primary discount source will typically find that these deals apply to multiple buffets. For example, a deal might require one full-price buffet purchase and then offer one or two half-price buffets for accompanying family members (think of this as a 3-for-2 deal). Others will offer a more general buy one get one free deal on buffet appearances.

For this reason, it's best to collect the company's coupons and put together a large group of people for maximum savings. It can take a bit of logistical planning, but it's the top way to get a good deal on an endless buffet, and the average Old Country Buffet location is designed to accommodate long tables of large groups.

These deals can be found in any local sunday newspaper in markets served by the Old Country Buffet brand as well as in the popular independent Red Plum booklet of discounts and coupons that lands on customers' doorsteps on a weekly basis.

Online Coupons

Occasionally, several online coupon sites will have printable coupons available for redemption at Old Country Buffet locations. These coupons are a great way to fill in the gaps between official mailings and they usually offer the same type of group-oriented discounts that the newspaper and Red Plum coupon mailers feature.

However, as with all online coupons, it's a good idea to verify the authenticity of the coupon with your local Old Country Buffet location before taking the discount for granted and finding out that the coupon is somehow fraudulent or not available for redemption at your local buffet.

Overall, however, the company's Old Country Buffet e-Club email list is the best way to get a great deal on the all-American classics that come in endless portions at your nearest location. Not only is it a reliable (and "green") way to save on your next meal, but the exclusive coupons included in these mailings can sometimes differ from traditional mailings and not require a large group for the best savings. Additionally, new subscribers get an exclusive discount as well as birthday savings at all buffet locations.

The e-Club also sends out discount offers for its other buffet and casual dining restaurants as part of an e-Club membership and, since those brand are numerous and nationwide, it's a great way to consolidate your "loyalty" emails into one regular dispatch from one company.

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