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Old Spaghetti Factory Coupons

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What is the Old Spaghetti Factory?

The Old Spaghetti Factory is known for being a family-friendly location for anyone who wants to buy a complete meal at an affordable price. Although this restaurant is already a popular pick for anyone who wants to dine out on a budget, Old Spaghetti Factory coupons can make lunch or dinner even cheaper. These coupons can be found locally or online through the official site.

The first Old Spaghetti Factory was opened in 1969 by Guss Dussin in Portland, Oregon. Its quick success allowed it to start expanding to other locations in the 1970s. People were attracted not only to the menu, but also to its decor. Many of the restaurants were opened in old warehouse or historic districts and it uses antique decorations to further a connection to the past. In the middle of every store is an old-fashioned streetcar. Restaurant patrons can be seated inside this streetcar, which provides a fun dining experience for the family.


There are now forty Old Spaghetti Factory restaurants in the US. Most of these restaurants are concentrated on the west coast with multiple locations in Washington, Oregon, and California. There are also locations in Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Hawaii.

The Old Spaghetti Factory has also become an international restaurant, with 13 locations in Canada and one in Japan. If looking for international deals, be sure to go to the appropriate country's website.

Old Spaghetti Factory Menu

Every Old Spaghetti Factory is known for serving complete meals. This means that, in addition to an entree, the restaurant patron is served a soup or a salad, bread, a choice of coffee, tea, or milk, and ice cream. The menu varies by location, but pasta is the most popular entree.

Old Spaghetti Factory

A specialty of the Old Spaghetti Factory is the range of pastas available. Everyone has a choice of 100% durum semolina spaghetti, whole wheat, and gluten free pastas. This allows people on special diets to eat at the restaurant. There is also a kids menu.

Coupons for the Old Spaghetti Factory

Anyone who is searching for Old Spaghetti Factory coupons should look both online and offline. The restaurant will often advertise their discounts and specials in the local paper. This may range from an introductory price for a new entree to holiday announcements, such as grandparents eating free on Grandparents Day. They may also have coupons that can be clipped in the Sunday paper.

While the newspaper is the best bet for anyone looking for local deals, the internet lets everyone get discounts that are available to all locations. The best way to get coupons is to become a Factory Insider. This delivers discounts and coupons to you through Facebook.

You can get there from the Old Spaghetti Factory website at osf.com, or directly through their official Facebook page. The restaurant will send out different coupons throughout the year, such as a coupon for a free dessert with the purchase of an entree. Desserts at the Old Spaghetti Factory cost around $5, so a person would save $5 off of their meal with this coupon. To use these coupons, you can either print them out or show them to the server on your smartphone.

Parents who have children 10 and younger should sign up for Wally's Kid Club, which can also be found on the official website osf.com. On the child's birthday, they will receive a free kid's meal. Old Spaghetti Factory also runs a reading program which rewards children with free kid's meals for reading books. Though Old Spaghetti Factory coupons may not always be available, they do offer several discounts and specials throughout the year so fans of the restaurant should always be on the lookout.

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