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Olive Garden Coupons

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About the Olive Garden

Olive Garden was founded in 1982 in Orlando, Florida. Although it began as part of the General Mills Company, since 1995 it has been owned by the Darden Group, which also owns Red Lobster and other chain restaurants. Olive Garden is the number one full-service Italian restaurant in the United States. Not only are the dishes the company serves inspired by Italy, the company has its own cooking school in Tuscany, Italy, which is where Olive Garden employees learn to prepare authentic Italian food.

Olive Garden Menu

Olive Garden is famous for several dishes, and they continue to develop more all of the time. Their bottomless soup and salad is among the favorite dishes that bring customers back time and again. Guests can choose from a variety of soups and they can eat as much soup and salad as they desire when ordering this combination. Breadsticks are a staple and they are served almost as soon as guests are seated.

While Olive Garden is famous for pasta, they also serve seafood and beef. Their Chianti Braised Short Ribs are slow cooked in a wine sauce and served with steamed vegetables and risotto. One of their most famous appetizers is the Bruschetta, which is served with ciabatta toast.

Olive Garden has a lunch menu and a dinner menu. They are also well known for their wine selection and they regularly offer guests samples of various wines. The restaurant has a dessert menu as well, which includes Tiramisu and Zeppoli.

Olive Garden Logo.

Coupons for Olive Garden

Several times a year, consumers can find coupons for Olive Garden in the Sunday supplement section of their newspapers. The company does not have printable coupons on its website; however, customers can sign up for their email newsletter. The Family Table is the name of the newsletter and it serves to inform customers of upcoming special dishes and limited-time offers. From time to time, Olive Garden debuts new dishes that are only around for a certain period of time.

Typical savings for Olive Garden coupons include $4 off two dinner entrees or $3 off two lunch entrees. The coupons are valid for soup and salad orders as well. There are not typically any other coupons for this restaurant online, although some coupon clippers offer the ones from the newspaper on eBay.

Several years ago, the Darden Group instilled a frequent diner program at Olive Garden but abandoned it when there was not enough interest. The website states there are no plans to have such a program in the future.

Checking the Website for Coupons

Guests who like the food at Olive Garden may want to browse the website for recipes. Although they do not post all of the recipes online, there are several of them. There are also several cooking videos on the website, which provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare some of their famous dishes.

In addition, guests who like the salad, which comes drenched with the restaurant’s own salad dressing can purchase bottles of the dressing to take home. This must be purchased at your local restaurant, as it is not available online.

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