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OneTouch Test Strips Coupons

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Save Money on One Touch Test Strips

It's no secret that diabetes rates are on the rise in the United States and many highly developed countries.

The causes are debatable, but there's one thing that transcends this debate: the need to test blood glucose levels throughout the day to ensure continued good health and a lack of occupations from this increasingly common disease.

One of the best ways to do this is by using OneTouch test strips. These innovative strips have been on the market for eight years and they do double duty: each strip checks a blood sample twice when reporting on blood glucose levels.

Because of their highly effective design and implementation, they're one of the leading products on the market for diabetes sufferers who want to make sure that they're not getting an erroneous glucose reading.

The demand for these products means that there are several ways to save. Indeed, OneTouch test strip coupons and savings opportunities can be found online, through many bricks and mortar stores, and in other unsuspecting places.

OneTouch Test Strip Coupons

The most traditional way of saving on these over the counter test strips is by using traditional coupons. Unfortunately, the company behind OneTouch Test Stripes does not have any official coupons posted on its website.

Typically, companies will try to "convert" diabetes sufferers to a new product with a special discount on their first purchase, but that simply is not the case with this brand.

Saving money on One Touch Strips

For this reason, the best way to save on OneTouch Test Strips is through a combination of online coupon codes for merchants that sell the product through their internet stores, and by using traditional coupons that come with a Sunday newspaper or a pharmacy flyer.

It's certainly not as convenient as the official approach that the company could take with its website, but some deals can still be found.

Local Coupons

One Touch regularly sends out promotional flyers in Sunday local newspapers as part of the typical weekly coupon blitz that most manufacturers engage in across the United States. These coupons typically offer a certain percentage off a box of 20 or 50 strips -- up to 30 percent in some cases.

Special coupons may even give customers a dollar amount off of their next purchase, or may offer a "buy one get one" deal that comes with a free box of strips or a second box for half off.

Remember that these coupons are limited time offers and typically come with expiration dates two weeks or a month in advance. If you find a coupon for OneTouch Test Strips in your local newspaper, use it sooner rather than later and avoid the risk of losing a perfectly good discount.

Finding Coupons Online

For online merchants, coupon codes may be the answer. It's always a great idea to check online pharmacy retailers like Drugstore.com before heading to the traditional pharmacy down the road.

Because Drugstore.com contracts with the Rite Aid chain of pharmacies, they'll typically combine that company's special deals with their own promotions and buyers will get two discounts for the price of one.

Furthermore, many online websites will have code-free coupons. That means you simply add the item to your cart, click "redeem discount" or a similar phrase, and the savings are applied with one click instead of requiring an extensive internet search through coupon sites.

It's the new way to do online discounting, and OneTouch frequently engages in this style of promotional deals on its products.

Health Insurance Coverage and Saving on OneTouch Test Strips

OneTouch Test Strips coupons are not the only way to save on the company's flagship product, although they may be the most universal and applicable to the widest number of Americans.

However, because these particular test strips are so widely used and considered to be so effective in monitoring diabetes, many health insurance providers will cover their purchase and require only a typical copay from their policyholders.

Patients who are currently on Medicare can actually save a significant amount on the company's test strips simply by showing their Medicare insurance coverage card at the time of purchase. They will have to go through a pharmacy store's actual pharmacy desk, however, rather than the traditional checkout.

These customers may also be able to pick up a box of OneTouch Test Strips during a visit with their family physician. It's not the most well-known way of obtaining them, but due to insurance coverage, many smaller family clinics with an in-house pharmacy will carry the product for older customers.

Getting Insurance Coverage=

And it isn't just Medicare plans that cover OneTouch Test Strips. In fact, many health insurance rate plans across the United States deem them to be necessary in the fight against the terminal illness that is diabetes.

Therefore, even non-Medicare diabetes sufferers can pick up the strips while just paying a copay instead of the full cost of the product.

It's important to be aware, however, that health insurance plans do vary and many plans may not offer this type of comprehensive coverage for diabetes products.

Always check with your health insurance provider before assuming you are eligible for a health insurance discount or a standard copay when picking up a box of OneTouch.

And if you don't want to make that phone call, the OneTouch website has a resource that will allow you to check whether or not your health insurance company or plan offers coverage of their test strips.

Using One Touch Test Strips

Obtaining a discount on One Touch Test Strips may not appear easy at first, due to the absence of special deals on the manufacturer's website. However, with coupons and online deals, it's still easy to get a great rate on this essential product.

And with increasing insurance coverage for preventative services and products like these test strips, it may be as easy as paying your standard copay. OneTouch is an innovative company both in the products it sells and how it sells them, and that benefits consumers a great deal.

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